Music in Hanover

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We are beginning a new section to the Archives on Music in Hanover. This section supports the work of a senior graduation project on "Bands of Hanover". That project is to be completed by the spring of 2005, so check back for continuing additions to this section.

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  Paul Emil Eisermann the Six Gobrecht Brothers  

Larry Blocher

Bert Elsner

Glendon Markle

Music has always been an important part of the community's culture and therefore an important part the the school district's program. Larry Blocher [class of 1954] is not new but he has been instrumental in helping get this new section on the Bands of Hanover started. A brief history of the Bands of Hanover is offered by Larry on the next page.

Many of the photographs in this section have been contributed by Bert Elsner [class of 1954] and Glendon Markle [class of 1954]. We extend our thanks for the loan of these and other personal archives.  Special thanks to Traci Arnold [class of 2008] for her expertise and diligent work in scanning and restoring many of the photographs in the collection.

A new section is dedicated to renowned conductors in the community. At this posting we have listed on conductor from the turn of the last century - Paul Emil Eisermann and the "Six Gobrecht Brothers" who dominated instrumental community bands through the middle of the 20th century. Links to these pages are provided above.