Bands of Hanover

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Community Bands
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URK of P Band - circa 1900 unknown band
May 31, 1925
contributed by Carolyn Clausen
American Legion Drum & Bugle Corp - May 30, 1928
contributed by Carolyn Clausen
unknown band
unknown date
contributed by Carolyn Clausen
Hanover Boy's Club about 1919
Contributed by Mary Aumon
  Read about the history of community bands in Hanover
by Larry Blocher [class of 54]


History of the Bands of Hanover

Many years ago Hanover had two, what was know as Senior Bands. There was the P.O.S of A and the K of P. The P.O.S. of A is known as the Patriot Order Sons of America. They had a lodge hall above the old Peoples Bank that was located at the south east corner of Frederick St and Center Square. It is the building before you get to Whitmans Pharmacy. There was also a lodge in Pleasant Hill next to the old Pleasant Hill Fire Company and I think it is still there but the one in Hanover is no longer in existence. I played in this band in 1948 with Ed Fissel who was also in the class of '54 There were a lot of kids that went to Hanover that played in this band until it broke up somewhere around 1975.

The K of P lodge was located in the first block of Carlisle St. First above the old Murphy's 5 & 10 store. Then they moved across the street above the Hanover Shoe Store which was at the corner of the first alley from the square. The K of P is known as the Knights of Pythias Lodge. The band was formed back in the 1800's and known as the Uniformed Rank Knights of Pythias Band. I joined this band in 1949 and played in it until the lodge closed their permanent lodge hall in 1956. When the lodge hall was closed the band had no place for rehearsals and the Moose Lodge asked the band to become "their" band which we did in 1956. The Moose Lodge paid to have the bass drum repainted and bought arm patches for our uniforms and bought a Moose Lodge banner to be carried in all our parades. They gave us a rehearsal hall and gave a monetary donation each year for us to purchase new music. We stayed with the Moose until we broke up in 1995.

Here is some additional information on local bands.

  1. K of P Band was formed in October, 1903 with 16 members. In 1904 they merged with Co 7 K of P band in Lancaster, Pa. and had a total of 21 members. By 1910 they had 57 members and were the largest K of P Band in the USA. In 1935 they had a concert that featured the renowned Frank Simon. ( My earlier note filled you in after 1935).

  2. The POS of A Band was formed in 1913.

  3. The Lyric Band was formed 11-1-1932 with 36 members with Harry Swartzbaugh as the director. (There was bad blood between the Lyric and K of P band because so many members of the K of P band did not want to join a union. As you know the Lyric was a union band until several years ago when they remitted from the union. Most of the Lyric's members were from the K of P which caused the hard feelings). In 1938 the Lyric purchased the "old" YMCA building which they still own today.

  4. In 1921 the Hanover High School Orchestra was organized.

  5. In 1929 the Hanover High School band was started and the first director was Harry Stegner. (When I was kid I remember his music store on Baltimore St.)

  6. There was a book written in 1998 by a Ginger Myers entitled "Hanover Harmonies" which lists most of the above information. 

Larry Blocher, March 2004





Hanover Boys Club Band - 1919
contributed by Mary Aumon

A. Baily Morelock, Director

Left to Right: (names were taken from the backing of this mounted photograph. Some names were indistinguishable. Some of the names posted here are "best guesses" based on traditional Hanoverian surnames. Some names are missing from the original documentation. [pbh])

Front Row: Earl P...?, Malcolm Wintrode, L... Krebs, Snider?, H. Mehring, John Warner, ? Rohrbaugh, Roy Emlet, Elwood Strausbaugh, Wilber N...?, Alan ...? Harry Fisher and Kenneth Roller.

Second Row: ... Murphy, Ray Brown, Donald Rudisill, Clair Legore, H... Flickinger, C... Miller, E.J.J. Gobrecht, ..., William Gobrecht (standing), Earl F...?, ..., ..., Carroll Rudisill, Elwood H...?, Fred Stover, Walter Raubenstine, George Ports and Ira Melhorn.

Third Row:  Charles Hufnagle, Joseph Aumon, Curtis Wetzel, ...Hoffeins, Joseph G...? and Jerry Foats. Note on picture back - "Pop in Trombone in front of face.)

Top Row:  Albert Shanebrook, Louis Delone, Fern Heiger, Lester (Spooky) Willet.

Front Center: Director A. Baily Morelock.