Eichelberger High School Bands

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The majority of photographs in this section have been contributed by Bert Elsner and Glendon Markle. The years posted are the ending date for the school year. Other photographs have been scanned from Nornirs, the high school's yearbook.

These names were used for the high school located at the Eichelberger building from 1932 through 1964: Hanover High School, Hanover Senior High School, Eichelberger High School, and Eichelberger Senior High School. Notice the emblem on the top skirt of the curtains in the 1934 Nornir picture of the high school band. "EHS" was the common abbreviation for the Eichelberger High School, the most commonly used name.

First Band -
1926 Hanover High School
Band members
James Little, Conductor
Nornir Text

1927 Hanover High School
Band members
H. C. Stenger, Conductor
from Nornir
1928 Hanover High School
Band members
1929 Hanover High School Band Members
H. C. Stenger, Conductor
Nornir Text
1930 Hanover High School Band Members
H. C. Stenger, Conductor
from Nornir
1933 Eichelberger High School German Band
1933 Nornir with names
1933 Eichelberger High School Band - 1933 Nornir with names 1934 Eichelberger High School Band - 1934 Nornir
1935 Eichelberger High School Band - 1935 Nornir with names Mr. Ernest R. Boucher, Director 1936 Band 1936 Eichelberger High School Band - 1936 Nornir
1937 Eichelberger High School Band - 1937 Nornir
1938 Eichelberger High School Band - 1938 Nornir
1939 Eichelberger High School Band - 1939 Nornir 1940 Eichelberger High School Band - 1940 Nornir
1941 Eichelberger High School Band - 1941 Nornir
names  Mr. Ernest Boucher, Director
1942 Eichelberger High School Band - 1942 Nornir
1943 Marching Band
from 1943 Nornir
1944 High School Marching Band
from 1943 Football Program
1944 Marching Band
at Fair Grounds
1945 High School Band
picture and text below
1945 High School
Band and Chorus
1946 High School Band
[1946 Nornir]
1947 High School Marching Band [1947 Nornir] 1947 Southern District Band Festival [1947 Nornir]
Combined Bands
1947 [gm]
Combined Bands (grades 5-12) 1948 [be, gm] 1948 Concert Band from the 1948 Nornir
Combined Band
1949 [be, gm]
1949 Marching Band
from 1949 Nornir
  Combined Band
1950 [be]
Junior High Marching Band
1950 [gm]  Taken in front of St. Paul's Lutheran Church on
York St.
Junior High Marching Band
(taken at the old fair-grounds stadium)
High School Marching Band
1952  [Snyder]
Combined Bands
1953 [gm]
High School Concert Band  
1953 [gm]
Senior Band Members
1953 [Snyder]
High School Concert Band 1954  [be, gm] Combined Bands (grades 5-12) 
1954 [gm]
Senior Class Band/Orchestra members - 1954 [gm]      
High School Concert Band 1955  [Nornir] Jack Schuler, Band Director
text below
George Rutledge, Junior High  and Elementary Band Director
text below
High School Concert Band 1956  [Nornir] Bruce Wiser & George Rutledge
High School Concert Band 1957  [Nornir] Bruce Wiser & George Rutledge
1957 Drum Major 1957 Majorettes    
1956 Macy's Parade
[Class of 1957]
1957 Concert Band [Nornir] Bruce Wiser, Director
1963 Elementary Band under the direction of George Rutledge

1963 Nornir

Marching Band

Amid the strains of "Down the Field" the Eichelberger High School Marching Band entered another busy and highly prosperous year. Their precisioned drills during half-time certainly added to the enjoyment of the spectators at football games. A pride in the band developed when it was discovered they were to be the honor band at the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This event was highlighted by an invitation to appear in Harrisburg in the Inaugural Parade for Governor Scranton.

Beside the band's active marching schedule, they presented their yearly Winter and Spring Concerts. Under the able direction of Bruce D. Wiser, the band certainly had a full and interesting year.

playing in the stands at Sheppard and Myers Field during football games Band Front

Bruce D. Wiser, Director

Concert Band


    1973 Marching Band









1945 Hanover High School Band at the Eichelberger Building
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Text from the 1945 Nornir

This year's Land was composed of approximately forty-five members, including those from Junior High.

The band under a new director, Jack Schuler, who has accomplished wonders, gave several very well maneuvered drills at the football games.

This year the band was featured in two concerts, a preliminary concert given at the Junior and Senior High Schools and the annual spring concert.










About the Band
Text from the 1955 Nornir

Among the very important organizations at high school are the band and the choruses. The band, under the direction of Mr. Jack Schuler, has done much to strengthen the cultural life of our school. During the year the band has provided entertainment at the football games and assemblies. Two of their most important annual projects are the winter concert and the spring concert.

The choruses, A Cappella Choir and the Girls' Chorus, under the direction of Mr. George Rutledge, also play a very important part in the school activities . These active groups participated in the Christmas pro- gram, assembly programs, and the winter concert.








1938 Eichelberger High School Band
Director: E. R. Boucher
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First Row: S. Weeks, K. Gobrecht, G. Weeks, A. Shane. brook, E. Sell, D. Hourk, R. Myers, B. Renner, D. Yealy, M. Thomas, R. Bish.

Second Row: M. Gobrecht, R. Frey, C. Myers, C. Bortner, H. Swartzbaugh, G. Forney, R. Jones, G. Harman, H. Jackson, A. Brillhart, P. Carver, F. Wolfe, K. Gulden, C. Graybill, I. Hamm, I. Butt, J. Fulco.

Third Row: N. Ernst, G. Myers, J. Nace, D. Wagner, E. Diehl, E. Gobrecht, C. Fuhrman. R. Burns, R. Waltersdorff, H. Stick, W. Stick, C. Wentz, U. Kreidler, W. Fanus, A. Herr, J. Arentz, S. Hartman.

Fourth Row: P. Yingling, H. Fissel, P. Winebrenner, S. Wildasin, F. Putters, T. Geiman, W. Yingling, Mr. E. R. Boucher.




First Organized Band at Hanover High School
1926 N
ornir Text

This year was the first in the annals of our High School that the band was a real honest to goodness organization. The band became a reality through the hard work of several teachers and several students who strived to have Hanover High represented by a band. The band this year is an institution of which Hanover High can be proud. The band, under the able leadership of James Little became very active in all school athletics and they aided in producing "Pep" for its athletic occasions.

The band played for many things and was always a success because they were willing to work.

In the future the band should become a real uniformed organization and then they will become a real asset to our school as they have in the past.




1929 Nornir Text

The band this year, under the leadership of Prof. H. C. Stenger, made rapid strides toward becoming one of the town’s leading musical organizations. It is composed of 30 of the musicians in the high school and adds pep and enjoyment to many functions throughout the year. Both at home and abroad its cherry tunes have spurred on weary Hanover athletes to greater deeds. It broadcast widely the spirit of the school.

Prof. Stenger cannot be given too much credit for the work he has done in molding this fine organization.

From a meager beginning four years ago, this organization, fast growing into prominence, has grown to the size which enables it to be compared with any high school band in the state. Hanover High School is proud of its band and with good reason.

Comparatively few members will be lost by graduation and next year is looked forward to as a banner year.