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President: Mrs. Lindy Lingg

Vice President: Mr. Scott Roland

Treasurer: Mr. Rick Engle

Solicitor: Stock and Leader

Mr. Brian Frederick

Mrs. Cynthia Gulden

Mr. Tom Henry

Mr. Sean Huston

Mr. Jared Reck

Mrs. Maria Shea

Standing Committee Members

Policy Committee: Frederick, Shea, Lingg (meets second Wednesday, 4:30 PM)

York County School of Technology: Henry, Roland (Alternate)

Recreation: Reck, Lingg (Alternate) (meets last Thursday, 5:30 PM - Borough Office)

Meet & Discuss Professional: Engle, Huston, Gulden

Meet & Discuss Classified: Engle, Huston, Gulden

Meet & Discuss Administrative: Engle, Huston, Gulden

York Adams Earned Income Tax Bureau: Gulden, Reck (Alternate), Admin. Rep. Wentz

Lincoln Intermediate Unit Insurance Trust: Wentz, Admin Rep., Frock (Alternate)

Legislative Liaison with Pennsylvania School Board Association: Shea

Budget and Finance: Engle, Board of the whole (meets second and fourth Monday, 4:30 PM)

Building and Grounds: Roland, Engle, Lingg (meets first Thursday, 10 AM)

Personnel: Engle, Lingg, Frederick

Educational Program: Reck, Huston, Gulden(meets first Monday, 4 PM)

Parent’s Advisory: Frederick, Reck (Alternate)