The Hanover Public School District is eager to cooperate with the various community organizations and agencies regarding the notification to parents of flyers within our schools. In an effort to decrease secretary workload, save paper, and allow teachers to spend additional time on instruction, the district will be posting approved flyers to the district website. The following guidelines must be followed: Each flyer must be approved by the Superintendent. Forward a copy of the flyer for consideration to the Superintendent’s office by email (, hand carry or mail. The Superintendent will review the flyer in accordance with the guidelines of Policy 913. The school district will notify the agency/organization of approval or disapproval. Following approval, the flyer will be posted on the district website through the duration of the activity and/or registration for activity. Teachers or staff will not personally distribute flyers in the school buildings. Following the approval process, the organization or agency may provide 25 copies per building of their approved flyer to the administration building to accommodate families without internet access. Please note that the school district neither encourages nor discourages a student’s participation in any of the activities listed below. Thank you, Hanover Public School District