Bert  and Joyce Elsner's Collection

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contributed by
Bertram and Joyce Elsner


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Elementary Music Program
1948     inside
6th grade petition to give up day work P.T.A. Meeting - 1948
NRA Junior Sharpshooter Certificate - 1950

Camporee at Camp Conewago, May of 1950
Troop 105 takes 1st place

Camp Conewago - Summer 1950
Camp Songs

Junior High Graduation Certificate - 1951

  Red Cross First Aid Card - 1954

Class of 54 Junior High Plays and Musicals

Winter Concert Program
Junior High Operetta - 1949
And It Rained - inside

Junior High Play - 1949
 [49-50 school year]
Oh, Brother!

Winter Concert Program

Junior High Play - 1950
 [49-50 school year]
The Belle of Bagdad
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Junior High Play - 1950
 [50-51 school year]
The Baby Sitter
see Newspaper Article
Winter Concert Program
Junior High Operetta - 1951
 [51-52 school year]
Up In the Air
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Winter Concert Program 1952
contributed by Joyce Hamm Elsner [class of 1954]
Program from the 1952 musical Blossom Time Spring Concert - 1953
contributed by Joyce Hamm Elsner [class of 1954]

Class of 54 Bands - other photos are located in the Music [band] section

1950-51 Junior High Orchestra
1952 EHS Marching Band
1953 Combined Bands 1954 EHS Concert Band
Winter Concert
At Mount Olivet Cemetery after Parade - Barbara Ebaugh, Bert Elsner, Carolyn Crooks
Contributed by Carolyn (Crooks) Hooper
 1954 Senior Band members  

Music Awards - Letters

Grade School Band Junior High Band Hi-Y
High School Band High School Orchestra
Hawk license plate tag Hawk script

1st Annual Career Day March 27th, 1952
contributed by Joyce Hamm Elsner

All-State High School Orchestra March 31st & April 1st, 1950
contributed by Joyce Hamm Elsner