Carolyn (Crooks) Hooper

Timonium, Md.


Carolyn and her husband, Charlie, live in Timonium, MD. They have two children and three grandchildren. Carolyn is a homemaker and Charlie is a retired bank operations officer. She and Charlie met in a Philadelphia restaurant in 1957 when Carolyn was working at the John Wanamaker department store in their executive training program. Her hobbies are cooking and swimming. Carolyn does volunteer work at a local hospital and a local retirement nursing home. She and Charlie have traveled extensively throughout the USA including Hawaii, and to Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia, and the Caribbean.


The things about the 50’s that Carolyn liked were that people were more respectful, there was less crime, and terrorism was a word we didn’t have. She’s grateful for our medical advances, and the new technologies of the 2000’s.


She is most proud of, “Raising a very fine son and daughter and being a good wife (so my husband tells me !).”


Her message for her classmates is … “I consider myself to have been very fortunate in marriage with a wonderful husband of 46 years and counting. We have two fine and accomplished children. Our son is an English teacher at Calvert Hall High School in Towson, and our daughter is a clinical specialist in psychiatric nursing at a hospital in Arlington, Va. Our three adorable granddaughters are the greatest joys of my life.”


“Since my husband, Charlie, has retired, we have done a lot of traveling, and we’ve had some really fun trips with my longtime dear friends, Barb (Ebaugh) and Sally (Warehime) and their husbands. I’m glad I was in the Class of ’54 because I can’t help but feel it was a more decent and innocent time to grow up.”


Carolyn has an Assoc. Degree from Virginia Intermont Jr. College of Bristol, Va, and Charlie has a BSEE from the US Naval Academy, and an MBA from the Wharton School at the Univ. of Pennsylvania.