Fulco-Eiserman Collection

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contributed by Anthony D. & Betty (Eiserman) Fulco


1953-54 Eichelberger High School
Student Directory

Student Archivists: Traci Arnold (Class of 2008)

This directory is the property of Anthony Fulco. Several other directories have surfaced since work on this directory has started. The cover was scanned intact, but the directory itself has been disassembled to reproduce the directory pages which are of some genealogical value.

Students from the Class of 2008 are in the process of reconstructing the directory. What is published here, as of March 20, 2004, is incomplete. The current 8th grade archivists are hoping to complete the directory by the end of the school year.

None of the copies of the directory could be text scanned because of the poor quality of the print. The directory cover was produced on ordinary construction paper. The contents were reproduced by mimeograph. Eight graders have been typing the directory by hand. The hardest part of the task has been correct spelling of last names. The Class of 1954 is asked to verify those spellings.

Original Cover     Faculty     Seniors     Juniors    Sophomores


Page 1
Teachers Address Tele. No.
Sheely, W. Edward R. D. 4 28861
Gray, Ray W. R. D. 3 28827
Blettner, Pearl 33 Third St. 26126
Brubaker, Richard 510 Baer Ave. 36298
Diehl, Erle K. 202 Stock St. 23102
Diehl, Sarah R. 202 Stock St. 23102
Diviney, Thomas 522 1/2 Frederick St. --------
Gruver, Harold 101 Third St. 4342
Hamm, Gladys 25 E. Middle St. 34194
Heacock, Margaret 549 Carlisle St. 21242
Jones, Naomi 336 N. Hanover St. 35195
Kemp, Lloyd 423 McCosh St. 25112
Leedy, James 365 High St. 22288
Leese, Holman 239 Baer Ave. 34171
Menges, Mary 857 Broadway 4618
Meyers, Karl Park Heights Blvd. 50506
Overly, Robert 2 Stephens Place 31180
Oyler, Jane E. 334 Baltimore St. -------
Paul, John 338 Filbert St. 25158
Reese, Harold 7 Stock St. 20180
Rutledge, George 114 Stock St. 4396
Schuler, Jack 35 W. Middle St. 25246
Schwartz, Robert 514 Baltimore St. 72819
Shafer, B. Henry 205 E. Walnut St. 34181
Smith, Glenn 454 Carlisle St. 24242
Stott, Calvin 28 Monroe St. 4828
Streightiff, Wilson E. Berlin, Pa -------
Thrush, Bernard 256 Baltimore St. 20109
Walker, Gertrude 209 Frederick St. 23260
Wertz, Gerald 32 Eichelberger St. 39155
Zeigler, Marian 34 Eichelberger St. 21160