Recently, our fifth grade students took a tour of either Elsner Engineering OR Sheridan Press factory facilities. The purpose of this field trip was so that our students can begin to have a better appreciation for some of the local business and industry that we have right here in Hanover. Additionally, students can better appreciate and better understand the concepts of supply and demand, goods and services, and entrepreneurship. Throughout their middle school years, students will have many opportunities to explore and discuss potential areas of interest and future career opportunities.

Over the past few years, HPSD has had frequent contact with our local businesses and industries and have received considerable support from many of them to enhance our school-based programs. This has helped us develop a working relationship with them and has allowed us to tailor many curricular offerings to align with some exciting future career opportunities. Hanover Middle School is very thankful to both Elsner Engineering and Sheridan Press for granting us this opportunity, and we are sure that your child will have a lot to tell you about after their visit!