As we approach the end of the school year, our fourth grade students will participate in various activities to help them transition to becoming fifth graders at Hanover Middle School. The beginning activity will be former Hanover Street students returning home with a middle school counselor to share what it is like to be a fifth grader at the Hanover Middle School. This will be an interactive experience that allows the fourth graders to ask questions and gain information about a typical day at the Middle School. As a follow up, the fourth grade students will visit the middle school where they will have a chance to take a tour of the building and meet their fifth grade mentor friend. Another shared experience is a district wide fourth grade skating party held at Magic Elm. This is a chance for all fourth grade students to meet the other fourth grade classes and make new friends. As a culminating activity, we will be having our traditional fourth grade farewell ceremony. Students and teachers will share special memories of their days at Hanover Street Elementary. While these activities will help create a beneficial transition experience, a significant impact will be the positive parent support they receive from home as our students transition from being fourth graders to becoming fifth graders.