Third Grade Teamwork

Working together for the common good is a life lesson in which everyone can benefit. Recently, the third graders in Mrs. Glatfelter’s class practiced this important skill while saving Fred….the worm. You see, Fred loves to go boating. He is always safety conscious and takes a life vest with him. Unfortunately, weather is a fickle thing, and Fred was caught in a storm and his boat overturned. He was stuck under his boat, without his life vest and needed to be saved. And that’s where the third graders came to the rescue. By working together with ONLY paperclips as tools, the third graders needed to get Fred’s life vest over his head where he could float to safety. They learned that talking about possible solutions, putting equal effort into a task, and facing adversity and struggle with a positive attitude will lead to success! Way to go, students!! Fred thanks you!