Diversified Occupations

Work Experience


Introduction to Manufacturing- Dual Enrollment

Introduction to Healthcare/ Health Care Academy: Dual Enrollment

TCA (Tutoring-Counseling-Assisting)

Admission Process - Credit Programs for Seniors:

Presentations: Mr. Harnish will present information on all courses to all Juniors prior to scheduling.

Scheduling: Students will schedule for one of the variety of programs offered.

Counselor Meeting: All Juniors will meet with their guidance counselor in order to go over their schedule for Senior year.  At this time, students will complete an application form for the career program they hope to enter.

Transition Coordinator Meeting/Interview: Mr. Harnish will meet individually with each student and review his or her application form.

Attendance:  Student attendance during their Junior year will be reviewed as a means of acceptance into programs.  Students with greater than 8-incidents of absence or tardy may not be allowed into certain programs.

Behavior: Student behavior during their first three years of high school will also be reviewed and used as criteria for acceptance or denial into various programs.

Placements: Internship and Job Placements are not guaranteed.  Mr. Harnish, students, and parent/guardians will all work together to find the best possible placement for each student.