Goals Objectives Educational Improvement Tax Credits The goal of The Hanover Foundation for Excellence in Education, Inc. is to develop a partnership between local business leaders and the Hanover Public School District to allow our students to participate in innovative learning opportunities, that align with and support current and future district initiates, which may not be able to be implemented through local tax dollar revenue. “Innovative educational programs” are creative initiatives that are not part of the regular academic curriculum but are designed to enhance and extend the curriculum of the public school. These initiatives are always coupled with the regular education curriculum but provide new avenues for change and experimentation. Initiatives may: * Supplement the current curriculum. * Pilot new innovations and support curriculum development. * Expand technological resources for the curriculum and specific course work. * May be offered before and after school hours, on weekends, as year-round programs or as an extension to the school year. * Uses specialized instructional materials, instructors, or instruction not provided by a public school. * Uses student internships and other work-based learning opportunities that supplement the curriculum or academic program, and provide opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the academic program. The objectives of the Foundation are to: * Develop a business leaders plan to expand learning opportunities linked to skills necessary to be productive employees and future citizens of the Hanover community. * Develop these innovative learning opportunities with an emphasis on early childhood/elementary learning so that our children are ready to learn and achieve to their maximum potential. * Develop innovative learning opportunities that include clear objectives, recorded baseline figures, systematic data collection, evaluative measures of program outcomes and tangible results. * Enhance the quality of district programs as an investment for business and economic development for the greater Hanover area. Educational Improvement Tax Credits Act 4 of 2001 amends the Public School Code to provide for the establishment of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit to be administered by the Department of Community and Economic Development. Act 4 authorizes the award of tax credits to businesses that make contributions to scholarship organizations or educational improvement organizations included on the list of organizations published by the Department. Department Website