“Committed to Excellence


On behalf of the Washington faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to Washington Elementary School. At Washington we pride ourselves in providing a high quality education while learning in a clean and comfortable environment. We strive to provide and teach every child at their educational level and look to maximize their true potential.  The triangle of success is built on the parent, the child, and the school working together to offer support to help each child reach their potential.  This can be accomplished by communicating with each other, working within a team setting, and making sure we all support the needs of the learner.  

We are pleased to announce many new initiatives for the 2018-19 school year.  In grades K,1,2  we are continuing our  new reading series titled, Wonders.  This new series works in conjunction with up to date F& P scores and provides new reading stories every week.  It also utilizes the new state standards built right into the series.  This affords us the opportunity to learn exactly what we are needed for measurable success.  In addition, we have received many new high tech devices in our library.  These include 3-d printers, a new tv studio, and various robotic devices.  These learning tools will be used to help introduce children to new world learning using various technology related resources.  Hopefully someday, these devices will help to make the world a better place to live and grow.   In addition, Washington received many new building projects to help provide a more aesthetic looking appeal.  These include orange and black striped gymnasium and lobby areas.  Together we are “Committed to Excellence”.

A few tips to help your Washington child succeed and grow:

The Washington Elementary School is a strong school deep and rich in tradition.  It’s core values extend back to a culture committed to family structure, hard work, and teamwork.  These values help make Washington soar each year as Nighthawks.  Our bountiful supply of resources and extremely caring teachers and parents help to make Washington a very kind and caring school with a mission to learn.

Please be sure to utilize these resources and to stay connected with your child’s teacher.  The triangle will work if you stay involved and support a great Washington education.    I look forward to working with you in educating your children and am honored to be your Principal at Washington Elementary.

Thomas Krout,  Ed.D.