Hanover Sports

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Early Years

1910-11 High School
Basketball Team
Hanover High School or Community Baseball Player, circa 1910 Hanover  High School
Basketball Player - post 1915
at W. Walnut Street building when it was a high school
Hanover High School
Basketball Team - 1918-19
Hanover High School
Basketball Team - 1919-20
Redmen Basketball Team - 1921-22
Club photo









1910-11 Hanover High School Basketball Team
Contributed by Paul Hentz (class of 64)
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The 10-11 on the game ball refers to the year. Only 8 games were played during the 10-11 season. This is a reproduction of a post card. The vendor has verified that the original dates from  between 1908 and 1917.

Alumni, we ask your help in identifying the players in this photo. We are interested in linking names to individual players. Anyone's grandfather?