Steve Padjen, Football Coach 1955 - 65

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Steve Padjen was an extraordinarily successful coach of the Hanover's Nighthawk Football Team. His 77-33-2 record was the best achieved by a football coach since scholastic football began in Hanover in 1923. Read more.

Steve Padjen, 1955 - 65

1955 9 2 0 263 114 0.818
1956 5 5 0 215 125 0.500
1957 7 2 1 128 99 0.778
1958 4 6 0 150 146 0.400
1959 10 0 0 277 57 1.000
1960 3 7 0 128 161 0.300
1961 5 5 0 163 169 0.500
1962 9 1 0 306 64 0.900
1963 8 2 0 285 72 0.800
1964 10 0 1 236 89 1.000
1965 7 3 0 157 95 0.700
11 77 33 2 2308 1191 0.700

Personal Photographs

Coach Assistant Principal, Athletic Director...Mentor

Steve Padjen - Half-back, Dickinson College - 1942

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1934 Steel High Football Team 1946 "Red Devils" Dickenson College Football Team Steve Padjen - half back at Dickenson, 1946
Atlantic City Coaches Clinic 1957 - Len Zataveski, Fred Kreuter, Frankie Noonan, Steve Padjen 1957 Elementary Basketball Program The Scrapbook
Kevin Klunk, Coach Padjen, Burnell Trone 1987
[this scrapbook will be published shortly]
1960 Faculty against Student Body Basketball Game knees, can't jump
Coaches 1960 All-Star Game
Frankie Noonan, Steve Padjen
York County All Star Team 1959-60
The Rivalry
Coach Padjen - Bucky Kempton (coach of Delone)
1963 Awards Banquet
Fred Kreuter, Rip Engle, Coach Padjen, Len Zataveski, Johnny Unitas, Dave Graybill
Coaches honored by the Athletic Association in 1963 Ed. Slezosky & Coach Padjen - 1964
After inaugural game and victory over Southwestern
1965 - Former players who became coaches
J. Gross, B. Bankert, L. Crosswhite, S. Brown
Hanover High School
Big 33 Program Cover
Athletic Boosters Banquet
Bonfire and pep rally, circa 1968 Frankie Noonan and Coach Padjen 1969 Jack Connor and Steve Padjen
Athletic Association Financial Support - 1978
Rush Canouse, Terry Conover, Elizabeth Bucher, George Lippy, Steve Padjen-Athletic Director

South Central Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame

Jack Bemiller [class of 1955] and Coach Padjen, circa1964
Jack Bemiller was an end for EHS and played college football at Syracuse.

Jack Bemiller inducted into Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame
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From 1961-69 Jack Bemiller was the center for the Buffalo Bills. The Bills won the AFL championship in 1964
Country Club Fashion Show
Frank Noonan, Jim Heilman, Steve Padjen
Hanover Borough Council
Hanover Borough Council
Borough Council Commendation
December, 1989
In Memory of Frank Noonan Arlene Hollinger and Mr. Padjen
Dedication of Baseball facility at Moul Field. Steve was a Co-chair of the Hanover Recreational Endowment Fund Drive in the early 1990s
Memories of WWII
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Pennsylvania State Hall of Fame Executive Committee

Sheppard & Myers Field

Hanover Fairgrounds at York and Locust Streets where football games were held prior to the 1949 season. [pbh] 1965 1999

Administrator and Athletic Director

Coach Padjen was named Assistant Principal at the new Hanover High School Building in 1966
Pictured top right of this page  is Mr. Padjen with Principal Joe Weirman
Morning Announcements Mr. Padjen with Dr. Stevens, Superintendent of Schools
Revving up the troops during school assembly, circa 1968 Keeping Score
Surpervisor of Boys' Intramural Basketball Program - 1963


Class of 1960 25th Reunion
Ted Kehr, Coach Padjen, Jim Heilman, Robert Foreman
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Career Reviews

1966 1983 1985

Steve Padjen was an extraordinarily successful football coach of the Hanover High School Nighthawks. His 77-33-2 record was the best achieved by a football coach since scholastic football began in Hanover in 1923. As a high schooler, Padjen played for the Steelton Rollers who have their own football history steeped in tradition and success. During the 40s Steelton was ranked number 1 in the state with a perfect record of 10-0-0 and since then has seven Central Penn League championships.

Padjen played tailback on the Steelton High School single wing formation during his high school days and graduated in 1941. He was awarded All-State Honors for his 1940 high school season. He entered Dickinson College but then spent three and one-half years in the Army, seeing service in Germany. He was discharged from the military in 1946, reentered at Dickinson and graduated from college in l948. He joined the Eichelberger High School faculty in that same year.

Padjen said in a 1964 interview that his top thrill as a coach came in 1959 when Hanover beat Carlisle, 24-3 for the South Penn title. Heilman, who went to Colgate, and Kehr, who went to West Point, were the stars of that team.

Padjen coached football at Hanover Junior High School (1951-54) prior to taking over the senior high team in 1955. In four years his grid teams had a record of 22-0-2 while his basketball squad ran up 39 straight victories, ending his tenure with a 45 - 5 record.

Padjen takes pride in the fact that most of his players were academically minded and many of them went on to college careers. Steve Padjen coached young men and turned out some of the top players in York county history.

Bemiller Protégé

One of his protégés was Al (Jack) Bemiller, who played center for the Buffalo Bills of the American Football League from 1961-69. When Jack played for the Hawks he was a 173-pound end. He played a huge role in the success of the Syracuse University’s outstanding teams during the late 50s (ranked #1 in the nation in 1959) and was rated as one of the standout defensive players in the AFL.

All-State Players

Seven former players under Padjen were awarded all-state mention:

  • Gary Amspacher who was all-state end in 1958;

  • Bob Forry, one of Hanover's all-time great athletes, who gained recognition in basketball and football in 1954, 1955 and 1956;

  • Dave Rodman in 1956;

  • Jim Heilman, a standout football and baseball star who matriculated to stardom at Colgate and who signed a professional baseball contract;

  • Tom Stahl and Marlin Dutterer from the 1959 squad who went to Syracuse;

  • and three players from the 1963 squad which had an 8-2 record. These include Bob Shue, Tom Reichert and Tom Smyser, all of whom were given all-state mention.

Big 33

Six of Padjen's players have been chosen for the Big 33 football team, which Coach Padjen helped coach in 1963. They include Rodman, a center in 1956; Amspacher in 1958; quarterback Ted Kehr and halfback Heilman in 1959; Don Coffman, a tackle in 1962; and Jeff Duncan, halfback in 1964. (Editors note: Big 33 games are played the summer after the football season.)

All of the above mentioned players were South Penn Conference all-star selections.


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Junior High Basketball Team
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