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Walnut Street School

The corner of East Walnut Street and Locust Street is the location of the longest continuing site for a public school in Hanover, PA. The school to the left was chronologically the third public school building in Hanover Borough.

The Old Walnut Street building (left) stood on the same property of current Walnut Street building. It was razed in 1904 to make room for the (new) building. 

Between 1885 and 1904, Marion Hall was used as a first grade classroom. It stood close to the Walnut Street building across the alley from the Lutheran cemetery. Marion Hall was used as a hospital for Union troops during the Battle of Hanover.

See Marion Hall by Reuben Becker

The new building ceased functioning as an elementary school in 1964 and became the district's administration building until 1991. The building house nursing classes until that date.

The new Walnut Street building, built in 1904, was later referred to as the East Walnut Street building to differentiate it from the West Walnut Street Elementary School which was the the High School (1916 - 1932) and then Junior High (1932) and eventually the West Walnut Street Elementary School (1964).

Grade School Class pictures, see below

Old Walnut Street School
1852 - 1904
New Walnut Street School
1904 - 1964
Walnut Street  Elementary Orchestra - 1924 West Walnut Street Building
(yellow brick building)


6th Grade Walnut Street School
Dec 1, 1912
Unknown picture from the 1946 Nornir, circa 1936
First or second grade with Flutophones.
1st Grade Walnut Street School
1935-36, contributed by
Tom Fissel [Class of 1947]

Pictures below are of the Walnut Street building in 2004. It contains luxury apartments today.

(New) Walnut St. Building from the corner of East Walnut and Locust Streets Front of building from East Walnut Street Corner stone above front arch commemorating the original 1852 Walnut Street building. Southwest corner of building on East Walnut. The side of the building and the rear were playgrounds.
Pictures directly above were taken by Paul Hentz during the winter of 2003.
Pictures below were taken by Barbara Chronister in 1998.
    Facing west towards the old Post Office. Back of school from the old Post Office.
    The old post office is visible here, facing east. Walnut Street as an Administration Office - 1963
Post Office Building on Broadway behind the Walnut Street School Post Office Building on Broadway behind the Walnut Street School Marion Hall, circa 1908
Used as a hospital during the Battle of Hanover, it was later converted into an auxiliary classroom between 1885 and 1904. [Clausen Collections]
Walnut Street from the
1921 Nornir









Old Walnut Street Building 1852 - 1904
This building was the second publicly erected school in the borough. The first was located on Carlisle Street near the railroad tracks. The building above  was razed and replaced with a new building which later became know as
East Walnut Street School.
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Walnut Street Elementary Orchestra - 1924
Location: under glass at the Administration building 400 Moul Ave., Hanover, PA 17331
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New Walnut Street Building - 1915
Pictured in Hanover Centennial Brochure. Corner of E. Walnut Street and Locust Street.
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Post Office on Broadway - circa 1910
The building behind the Post Office is Walnut Street School
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East Walnut Street Building from the 1921 Nornir
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First Grade at Walnut Street Building - 1936
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Contributed by Tom Fissel [Class of 1947]

Miss Leigh, Teacher

1st Row: 2nd from right is Berry Zinn. 2nd Row: 5th from left is Tom Fissel, 7th from left is Berry Flickinger

3rd Row: 3rd from left is Lorna Diviney.