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Mount Carmel School

1947 - 1948 Mount Carmel School in Moulstown
Norman S. Danner, Teacher - Donated to the Fulco Eiserman Collection by Carolyn Rae Moul (penciled arrow)
The Eichelberger High School was fed by one room schools from surrounding townships. Mount Carmel was one of those township schools.

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Norman S. Danner, Teacher
Front: Earl Bange with dog

Bottom Row left to right

1. Burley Warner

2. Phil Bange

3. Clyde Little

4. Clair Brown

5. Raymond Altland

6. Warren Storm

7. Dennis Becker

8. Larry Anthony

Second row left to right

1. Nadine Warner

2. Janet Hoff

3. Dixie Laughman

4. Shirley Warner

5. Doris Little

6. Vonnie West

7. Darlene Mummert

8. Rose Strausbaugh

9. Nancy Fisher

Third row left to right

1. Richard Hoff

2. William Becker

3. Clair Warner

4. Walter Hoff

5. Richard Fisher

6. Sterling McWilliams

7. Levere Anthony

8. John McWilliams

9. Lonnie Sneeringer

Top row left to right

1. Earl West

2. Gertrude Riley

3. Carolyn Moul

4. Doris Riley

5. Nancy Bange

6. Eva Mummert

7. Richard Altland

8. Dick Warner