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Hanover Street is the location of the third school building constructed in Hanover. The original building was dedicated in 1891 and served the community as a first through eight building and then K through six school until 1973.

Construction on the current Hanover Street Elementary School was started in September of 1973 and was completed in December of  1974. The school was dedicated on January 19, 1975. Shown here are the pages of the Dedication brochure.

The principal of the school was Helene Rouser, who served the new school and Washington Elementary. We thank Mrs. Rouser. for providing this Dedication Brochure.

Hanover Street 1891 - 1973
Hanover Street from the 1921 Nornir   Hanover Street 1963
1941 Second Grade
Mrs. Knupp's class
contributed by Fred Strine
[class of 1952]
1946 5th Grade Boys    

cover dedication dedication program financial data school board and faculty start of construction
project completion floor plan - first floor floor plan - second floor administration
classrooms - Snyder, James Little classrooms - Sara Little, Rutledge, Lona Hentz classrooms - Kauffman, Bollinger, Mary R. Little classrooms -Wolgemuth, Hoover, Womer classrooms -  Shreffler, Dell, Broad  credits










Hanover Street School 1915
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Hanover Street School from the 1921 Nornir
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1946 5th Grade Boys
Contributed by Bill Marsh (Class of 54)
Front Row: Phil Krenzer, Marvin Houck, ???, Philip Shuff, Dale Hoff
Second Row:  Ed Grenier, David Hahn, Gary Study, Paul Wege, ???, Reginald Rife
Third Row:  ???, Frank Small, Ralph Bossom, Paul Maloney, Charles Wagaman, Roy Cromer, Bill Marsh, Jack McLaughlin.

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1941 - Mrs. Knupp's  2nd Grade
Contributed by Fred Stine (Class of 52)

Front Row:     Kathleen Bemiller, Robert Foltz, Bill Eline, Billy Myers, Fred Stine Harold Ernst and Jim Roth.

Second Row:  Darlene Brown, Richard Williams, Phillip Nace, Jack LeFevre, Francis Crone, Jeanne Mummert and Betty Felix.

Third Row:      Joyce Brady, Joanne Weaver, Billy Trostle, Treva Laughman, Kirk Brubaker, Delores Wallick, Gilbert Aumen and Dick Geiselman.

Fourth Row:   Donald Kemper, Suzanne Goodfellow, Anna Chronister, Dean Becker, Ronald Greenholtz, Clarence Bossom, Robert Alwine and Charles Weaver.

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