First Public Schools in Hanover

Spurred by the Free Public School Act of 1834, a free public school system was established in Hanover in 1836. The first schools mentioned in the Centennial Program were located on York Street. No specific locations were given other than they were taught by Dr. Smith and Geo. W. Stouffer.

The record indicated that a two story building was erected in 1847-49 and stood in a location near the Rueben Young residence on Carlisle Street very near the current Young Library Building. The construction of a new railroad in the vicinity caused the abandonment of that site and the Borough purchased a lot on Walnut Street for the construction of the first of two buildings to occupy that site.

The "Young" school was located near Union Depot, the rail road station at the end of Library Place. On the picture to the right, The Young Memorial Library is to the left, Hanover Shoe factory is behind the photographer.

The view of the railroad station below is from the west, looking across South Railroad Street towards the Young Memorial Library.

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A map of the area in which the 1847-49 building was located is pictured below.

Credit: Official Program of the Centennial of Incorporation of the Borough of Hanover, Pennsylvania. The Hanover Centennial Committee. Hanover, PA. 1915.


Young Memorial Library, 1916