Help identify the members of the 1910 HHS Baskertball Team. View 1922 Cheerleader pictures

What's New in the Collection?

  as of June 14, 2004

Mau-Dra Shoppe

Elementary students! Talk to Grandma and Grandpa and find out what a Chocolate and Marshmallow Stew is.

Visit the Mau-Dra, popular hang-out for Eichelberger High School students during the 40s, 50s, and early 60s.

Orange & Black

We have started to scan issues of the Orange & Black from the 1920s. The Orange & Black is the Hanover High School's (Eichelberger High School) newspaper. Originally, it was published in a magazine style with a large portion devoted to Literature. This process of digitizing issues will take several months. We will post issues as soon as they are scanned, so visit often. 

Bands of Hanover

We are beginning a new section to the Archives on the Bands of Hanover. Music has always been an important part of the community's culture and therefore an important part the the school district's program. Larry Blocher [class of 1954] is not new but he has be instrumental in helping get Bands of Hanover started. Many of the photographs in this section have been contributed by Bert Elsner [class of 1954] and we extend our thanks for the loan of his personal archives.  Special thanks to Traci Arnold [class of 2008] for her expertise and diligent work in scanning and restoring many of the photographs in the collection.

Click her for Bands of Hanover

1907 View of the Town from Eichelberg High School

Help identify the buildings in this picture. This photograph appears to be taken from the cupola of the Eichelberg building circa 1907. We need help identifying the churches in the background and the building that now occupies the current site of the public library.

Click here for larger view and directions for using the high resolution picture of this scene.


Our Town

New section added to the photo archives featuring buildings and locations from the early part of the 20th century.

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1922 Cheerleaders

We are starting the Archive for the Class of 1922. The high school was located at the yellow-brick building on West Walnut Street. Click here, these pictures are not identified. We will attempt to id the pictures from the 1922 Nornir. Any help would be appreciated.