Instrumental Music Parent Club

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A paper submitted by Katie E. McMaster as partial fulfillment of the requirements for her Senior Project.

January 3, 2005

            The Instrumental Music Parents Club (IMPC) is a non-profit organization that has played a significant role in the survival of the band and orchestra programs at Hanover High School since its origin.

            The IMPC was started in 1965 under the leadership of its first president, Marlin Rohrbaugh. The members of the club are parents and guardians of students currently involved in the band and orchestra programs at the high school. The club originated with about 220 members. Since then, the amount of participation has greatly decreased, however, the amount of support for the students has never faltered.

            To support the students, the IMPC provides a great deal of money. In order to raise these funds, the IMPC does a multitude of varying fundraisers. A great deal of money comes from working the concession stand at Sheppard and Myers Stadium. The members of the IMPC volunteer their time to work the concession stand at home sporting events selling anything from candy and gum to chicken fingers with fries. The IMPC also raises money through many yearly fundraisers, such as pie, candy, fruit, sub, and pizza sales. A portion of the profit from these fundraisers goes to the general IMPC and another portion of the profit from each students sales goes directly to that students’ account to be used for trips or other costly items.

            The students have direct benefit from the money raised by the IMPC. The IMPC provides the marching color guard with uniforms, flags, and equipment, as well as provides the drum major with a corresponding outfit. For each marching band member, the IMPC purchases a personalized jacket and a uniform T-shirt. The band and orchestra have taken many trips through the years to places such as, Cleveland, South Carolina, and Boston. The IMPC has provided the students with money to cut down on the price per student for each year’s trip. The IMPC has also been able to purchase computer equipment for the band room and instruments when needed. Annually, the IMPC also funds scholarships for graduating seniors, along with scholarships for underclassmen attending orchestra or band summer camps.

            The IMPC is an organization linked directly to the students, providing them with necessities and helping them to fund activities to better the music program.


2004-2005             Kiki Beyer

2003-2004             Susan Leitzel

2002-2003             Judy Rapp

2000-2002             Ken Etgen

1997-2000             Greg Zeigler

1995-1997             Orrin Orewiler

1994-1995             Bob Jacoby

1993-1994             Carol Rose

1992-1993             Earl Kneller

1991-1992             Fred Stevenson

1990-1991             Sue Little

1989-1990             Sandy Peters

1986-1989             Phil Davis

1984-1986             Ronald Birgensmith

1983-1984             Gary Rebert

1982-1983             Paul Leonard

1981-1982             Nevin Shultz

1980-1981             Kenneth Warner

1979-1980             Bob Winebrenner

1978-1979             Beverly Graf

1977-1978             Linda Luckenbaugh

1975-1977             Ellie Pfaff

1974-1975             James Musselman

1973-1974             Robert Rudolph

1972-1973             Merle Whisler

1971-1972             Charles Alwine

1970-1971             Samuel Gross

1969-1970             Paul Stauffer Jr.

1968-1969             John Baker


1966-1967             Marion Noble

1965-1966             Marlin Rohrbaugh