Instrumental Music Parent Club

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The Music Booster's Association -1938
The following is a excerpt from the 1938 Nornir

Through the effort of Superintendent C. V. Erdly and Mr. Ernest R. Boucher, instrumental music instructor, the Hanover School Music Boosters' Association was organized September 24, 1936. Its purposes are:

a. To aid in the development of higher music standards and their interpretation.

b. To understand the purposes and problems of music organizations within the Hanover Schools.

c. To aid in promoting interest in bands, orchestras, and other musical organizations within the schools.

d. To assist, if possible, in a general way with the securing of instruments and materials of instruction in music.

f. To aid the schools in securing interest in growth of musical proficiency and in growth of musical organizations.

Mr. C. E. Winebrenner was the organization's first president. He did such outstanding work that he was reelected to the same position for the present year. Under his able leadership the association increased its first year's membership of 174 to 400. Mr. Winebrenner was ably assisted

by the following members of the executive committee: Mr. R. A. Bagshaw, Mr. H. Bair, Mr. W. H. Bittinger, Mr. R. M. Little, Mr. R. J. Jones, Mrs. A. J. Reed, Mrs. E. F. Carver, Mrs. J. M. Anthony, Mrs. J. Yingling, Mrs. J. B. Weeks, Mr. W. D. Heagy, Mr. E. A. Frock, Mr. A. F. Shanahrook, Mr. S. J. Hoffman, Mr. C. H. Meredith, Mr. H. W. Stick, Mr. M. L. Myers, Superintendent C. V. Erdly, and Mr. E. R. Boucher.

Last year over $800, and this year, over $300 resulted from the Association's efforts. This money was raised by card parties, dances, a strawberry festival, and private subscription. With this money fifteen instruments and a valuable library of band music were purchased. The band is rapidly progressing toward a complete, perfectly balanced organization—a feat impossible without the aid of this splendid organization. There is enough money remaining with which to purchase several more much needed instruments.

Too much appreciation cannot be expressed for the material as well as the intangible aid contributed to the cause of music by this sententious organization.