Fulco-Eiserman Collection

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contributed by Anthony D. & Betty (Eiserman) Fulco


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1932 Ford Coupe

1939 Ford Convertible

Budget Ticket
dance cards

driver's license

game tickets

honor roll

Mr. Gray, Principal

Pearl Leedy's homeroom

report cards

schedule cards
Summer Reading Program

student government

time card

Reserved Seat ticket for the Shippensburg-Hanover Boys Basketball game, Feb. 10, 1953. Of note here is the name of the high school. The official name of the school was "Eichelberger High School." After the creation of the Junior High located in the yellow brick building on West Walnut Street the informal designation of "Senior High" was often used for sporting events.

Notice the official name is used on the stub of a similar ticket for an event held in the auditorium. This ticket was for the Orchestra concert held on April 9th, 1953.

Driver's License

Right of Passage: One of the official milestones of passing from childhood to adulthood was the attaining of a driver's license. Included here are two documents. Betty Jane's Learner's Permit and a pass to get out of class. This "hall pass" was issued on Feb. 16, 1953 and signed by High School Principal, Mr. Ray W. Gray.

Learner's permit side. It appears the Betty Jane procrastinated a bit, because she did not take her driver's test until February 9th. Or maybe that was the first time she took the test?


Temporary Driver's License. Betty Jane passed her test.

More evidence that Betty Jane needed two attempt at the drivers test. The "Permit" to leave school is signed by Principal Gray.



Success at last: 1953 Drivers License


Many students worked in local stores and factories while attending High School. Shown here is a time card from the G. C. Murphy Company, a 50's and 60's version of today's department stores. G. C. Murphy was located on the square in Hanover's Downtown.

Student Government

This item is a campaign pamphlet for the 53-54 class officers and Student Council.

These names have been identified:
Rodney Gobrecht for President
Bert Elsner for Vice-President
Joan Faber for Treasurer
Betty Eiserman for Secretary
Geraldine Crawford and Anna Pottorff for Student Council Representative
Joan Trone for President of the Student Body

Student government was active. Included here is a letter ordering sweat shirts for the student body. What are the chances that one of these sweat shirts is stuck in a closet somewhere.

High School Schedule Cards

Schedules were usually filled in by students on the first day of school in the auditorium with the aid of an advisor. Here is Tony's 10th grade schedule card and Betty's 12th grade schedule. Click on each card for larger view.


Honor Roll

Shown here is the final honor roll for the 1951-1952 school year when the Class of 54 were Sophomores. Click on the news headline to access both columns of honor roll students.

Pearl Leedy's Homeroom

Mrs. Leedy's 9th grade homeroom list is linked from this graphic. As 9th graders, the Class of 54 attended the Junior High in the yellow brick building on W. Walnut Street. Mrs. Leedy was the wife of Jim Leedy, wrestling coach at the High School and later Physical Education instructor at the Junior High building.

Dance Cards

Public dances in the 1950's were important social events for teenagers. They were more formal affairs than the dances of today. The dance cards exhibited below were traditional accessories for young women in the 50's. The cards listed the time, place, orchestra of the dance and contained pages for young men to sign to reserve a dance with the young lady. Dance cards became memorabilia of romantic evenings spent with one's "bo".

Winter Wonderland

Dec. 30, 1953

Granger Hall

Orchestra: Don Trostle

The Nighthawk Hop


Feb 20, 1554

with the "Clefsmen"



Venez Au Mardi Gras

May 7, 1954
with the "Clefsmen


Senior Prom with the "Melotones"- May 28, 1954

1939 Ford Convertible - Bill Hoke
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February 24, 2004

I thought about trout fishing for the first time this year, and when I think of trout fishing for the first time in any year, I next pick up some of my old fishing books and leaf through them in order to start getting into the mood for some fishing.

Yesterday, I started leafing through an old fishing book that I had when I was in high school. I suspect I hadn't opened that book for over 50 years. Inside the front cover was some chicken scratching (longhand notes made by yours truly in 1952 or 1953). With some difficulty, I deciphered the chicken scratching.

In 1952 and 1953, I built a car (39 Ford convertible) from pieces I bought in local junkyards. The attached is a list of the items I bought and the prices I paid in 52/53.

This picture is a replica of the car that Bill built.


1932 Ford Coupe - Tony Fulco
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Tony Fulco's first car, a 1932 Ford Coupe (Model A) was purchased in from his uncle, Frank Giraffa, in 1952. This car had a rumble seat. Tony says that the "girls" really liked to take a spin around the square in the rumble seat.

what a rumble seat looks like         proper riding position for riding in the rumble seat

Report Cards - Carolyn Clausen

March 10,2004

I have ALL my report cards: Grades 1 through 12.

However, not to bore everyone with grades of Carolyn Clausen, I selected the graduations from 6th grade, from 9th grade, and from l2th grade.

I did not select my 10th year because I had a D from Miss Hamm in the subject I hated--Plane Geometry!

However you will note Cís. Both subjects I didnít have the faintest clues about: 9th grade Algebra and that @#$% slide rule every Friday, and 12th grade Chemistry. Carolyn Crooks and I sat together. He had us in the very first table right under Mr. Wertzís nose. We were nothing but trouble to him.

Love from Carolyn

Hanover Elementary School
Report Cover - 1947-48
6th Grade Report Card
side 1          side 2
Promotion Certificate
from 6th to 7th grade
9th Grade Report Card
side 1          side 2
12th Grade Report Card
side 1          side 2

Summer Reading Program - contributed by Lloyd Becker [Class of 1954]

Most of us who grew up in Hanover were involved in the Hanover Public Library's Summer Reading Program. These certificates were a motivation as well as a reward for Reading.

School Safety Patrol
contributed by Joyce Hamm Elsner [Class of 1954]

Were you a crossing guard in sixth grade? The Automobile Association of American sponsored School Safety Patrols in almost every community across the country. Joyce Hamm Elsner as contributed her School Safety Patrol membership cards from 1948 and 1949. Click here to view the Patrol Members Pledge.


Junior High Budget Ticket
contributed by Robert Frock [Class of 1953]

Budget Tickets were Junior High School student's inexpensive pass into Junior High sporting events, plays, concerts and for copies of the Junior Highway, the school's student newspaper. This budget ticket belonged to Robert Frock for the 1949-50 school year.