Fulco-Eiserman Collection

contributed by Anthony D. & Betty (Eiserman) Fulco


Class History - 1954

Written and read at graduation by

Betty Jane Eiserman


I am quite sure that there is not one of as who has not heard that the owl is the wisest of birds. It is not my purpose to dispute the wisdom of the ages, but I have asked myself the question. "Why then did we the students of E.H.S. choose the Night Hawk as our emblem?" The King of the Night Hawks himself has been our guardian for many years and the class of '54 has undoubtedly been the most enterpris­ing and active class ever to spend three years in these halls.


Recently as I sat thinking of our coming graduation, I suddenly realized that this wise bird was hovering near me as if he had something to tell me. I listened carefully and this is what I heard.


I watched the class of '54 through three tough years and many escapades, in fact I almost sang along with them when as ninth graders they chanted "ONWARD WE GO" coming up to E.H.S. When they were silly Sophomores, I sat invisible in the balcony as they produced the play "Life With Father" in which they achieved great success, and while they par­ticipated in the operetta "Blossom. Time" which added to their credit. As I sat from time to time on some of the unused baskets, goal posts and bases, I saw my favorite bring to the Alma Mater two trophies as proof of their championship in the South Penn Conference, one for basketball and the other for baseball.


Early in their Sophomore year, as I was flying over the hills enjoying the sights, I spotted the homes of one of the members of this class a mass of flames, and to my distress I could do nothing. I felt better the next day when I found the classmates of '54 proving themselves a willing and thoughtful group by giving most substantial aid to one in deep distress.


That same year I listened while they sold autograph books in which not only their own class members but all the school could keep a record of their teachers and friends. With the profit realized on that sale and on the play the 54'ers were able to contribute their share to the prom, "An Evening In Paris." This, of course, I could not miss and you may remember seeing me as I swayed from my high perch above the gym watching the dancing and enjoying the music.


As you know Night Hawks migrate in the summer, but I was on hand the following fall when as jolly Juniors my favorite class returned to school. I applauded along with the rest as the hit "The Night of January 16" was produced; and I was in the wings to cheer on the actors, as they again won fame for E.H.S. This second year they again made history in basketball.


About this time I began to wonder whether a uniform had been adopted by the students, but I discovered that the many E.H.S. shirts worn were simply an evidence of the successful selling program of the class of '54.


On their trip to Washington which I felt I could not afford to miss we heard and saw sessions of the Senate but our most thrilling experience was the climbing of the Washington Monument. Being King of the Night Hawks I felt it my duty and pleasure to sit on the very top of that monument, the highest point a Night Hawk had ever reached. Coming back from the trip they planned, the Coronation Ball which was held in honor of the Seniors leading E.H.S.


Sitting on the pillars, the next fall and feeling rather forlorn, I realized that this would be their last year in E.H.S. but I could almost hear that chant of long ago, "Onward We Go."


The year was again started with the promotion of many projects and the production of their best performed and most commendable play "Cheaper by The Dozen" which I enjoyed from my usual seat in the balcony. Also the operetta "A Waltz Dream" was watched by my fellow companions whose only comment was, "You've got some class here."


As usual Mr. Shafer took the Seniors to N. Y. C. where I could not accompany them because I fear big places and steer clear of great crowds, but I learned from the Seniors that they enjoyed the play "The King and I", also many saw Cinerama and cinemascope for the first time and were properly Impressed by the magic of these new inventions.


With the coming of Spring and the close of school it did my old heart good to see how well the class of ‘54’ stood in Leadership, Service, Character, and Scholastic Ability. I know that is true for I saw thirteen boys and girls Initiated into the Honor Society.


Last Friday night from my place in the corner of the gym, I watched the prom, The Festival of Roses, in honor of my favorite class, 1954. This occasion was truly enjoyed by all. The smell of the Roses will remind us of the beautifully decorated gym and no music will ever sound quite as soft as the soft cords of that wonderful orchestra.


Before I take off on my summer vacation to gather strength to chaperone the class of 1957, I wish you and all of your classmates a very successful future.


So tonight we shall assume our place in that great company of graduates who have left from time to time. We go forth confidently and with the assurance that we will have something to contribute when our turn comes.