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Weekly Reader

The Weekly Reader Corporation began with the publication of the first Current Events on May 20, 1902. In the past 102 years, Weekly Reader publications have covered all the major events of the 20th century, from the Boer War to the election of George W. Bush.

The best known of Weekly Reader's publications is probably Weekly Reader, a newspaper for children in the elementary grades. This famous newspaper was founded in 1928 by Eleanor Johnson, then director of elementary schools in York, Pa., and a well-known reading expert. The first edition of Weekly Reader—one for the fourth grade—appeared in September of 1928. Other editions were added later, until, by 1959, there were papers for kindergarten through grade 6. A pre-kindergarten edition was added in 1980. Today Weekly Reader is the leading classroom periodical publisher, coming in seven grade-specific editions, and serving more than 7 million elementary schoolchildren in 50,000 schools.

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The Weekly Readers posted here date from 1945 and were published for fourth grade. We have preserved several issues from the first part of the 1945-46 school year for historical purposes. Most of us, regardless of age, can remember using this publication for current events during our elementary years. Click on the thumbnail to the right for a blown up view of the subscription box.

Click on the thumbnails to view readable page. These items are fragile and discolored from age. We have not altered that discoloration.

Sept. 10, 1945 Sept. 24, 1945
Oct. 1, 1945 Oct. 15, 1945
Oct. 22, 1945 Nov. 5, 1945
Nov. 26, 1945 Dec. 17, 1945