Wilfred C. Clausen Collection

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Clausen #006

by Reuben Becker [Class of 1954] view profile

Longstreet's Batteries

in Private Collection

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Hanover Public Library - 1911
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Young Memorial Library
Reuben Becker paintings located to the Hanover Public Library
Marion Hall
located near the West Walnut Street Elementary School, it was used for classrooms between 1885 and 1904.
Spectator Office
Frederick St.
Hanover's Civil War Newspaper
Mary Leader Shaw, Reporter
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General J.E.B. Stuarts's Escape Battle of Hanover
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Battle of Hanover
Confederate Calvary Raid
June 27, 1863 - Col. E.B. White's 35th Virginia Battalion
Battle of Hanover

by Raymond J. Dubs, Jr.

Addressing the citizens of Hanover, Nov. 18th, 1863
on his way to Gettysburg for the Dedication of the National Cemetery and where Lincoln delivered his famous  Gettysburg Address

See Union Station where impromptu speech was delivered in Hanover.

The Gettysburg address was first reported to the nation by Mary Leader Shaw.

Pull-out President Abraham Lincoln

by John Sheffer

These black and white reproductions are of John Sheffer's depictions of historical scenes in and about Hanover. We are attempting to locate the originals and post digital reproductions.


An oil painting by John Sheffer, depicts the first light snowfall of the season. The paint­ing is based upon one of the earliest known photographs of a Hanover Street scene. The photograph appears on page 2 of “Encounter at Hanover.”


on oil painting by John Sheffer. This street scene in Hanover, Pa. is looking north across the square toward the intersection of York and Abbottstown Streets. The Victorian cast metal fountain graced the square from 1872 when it was placed there until 1904 when it was removed to Wirt Park. The fine old building directly back of the fountain and the one next to it have been replaced by the four story Hotel Hanover which hides the lovely outline of the third building which is still standing. The fountain has been added to a collection of Victorian metal work in a Florida restaurant. The painting was completed in 1963 and is in a private collection in Hanover.


an oil painting by John Sheffer, showing the southeast corner of Center Square in Hanover, Pennsylvania. In the foreground, on the Oval, is the Civil War Monument, commemorating the Battle of Hanover, which was presented to the town by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1904. It is the work of Cyrus E. Dallin who named it, "The Picket,;." In the background and contemporary with the statue is the Peoples Bank Building. It is a typical example of the turn of the century architecture. The painting was completed in 1961 and is in the permanent collection of the Peoples National Bank.

"Frederick Street in 1846",

a sketch in oils by John Sheffer showing the residence and cabinet shop of Michael Fisher. In the background is Saint Michael (Matthew) Lutheran Church. The house, now known as 109 Frederick Street was remodeled to its present day appearance by Mr. Fisher in 1847 and was lived in by the painter and his family from 1942 to 1952.



"Summer Morning in the late 1890's",

an oil painting by John Sheffer showing the Michael Fisher cabinet and candy shop at the rear of 109 Frederick Street. On the left is a portion of the open air "Fish Market", and in the background is the Saint Matthew Lutheran Church graveyard. In the foreground are members of the Fisher family.