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Clausen #010

Historical Photographs

These photographs are posted in other sections of the Archives of the Hanover Public School District. They are displayed on a single page here because they were collected by Wilfred C. Clausen during his life-time. Some of these scanned images are very large for anthropological review. We are not sure some of dates listed for when photographs were taken. Comments should be directed to Paul Hentz  [class of 1964] or Carolyn Clausen [class of 1954].

Central Hotel & Square    Churches     Forney Farm     Gitt Building     Marion Hall     Midway Dairy     Richard McAllister House 

Revonah Spinning Mills     Valley Junction Railway


Heights south of town occupied by Stuart during the Battle of Hanover, circa 1898. The Eichelberger building was not constructed until 1896. Forney Farm is to the right, out of this picture.

Battlefield HELP!

Help identify the buildings in this photo. We believe it was shot from a location between Frederick Street and Chestnut Street looking due north.

Forney Farm


Forney Farm

on the corner of Frederick St. and Forney Ave.

Picture circa 1950. Interior of this house is preserved in the Pennsylvania Room of the Hanover Public Library

Forney Farm

taken from Beck Mill Road facing northwest. Center Square is to the right.

Circa 1900


Forney Barn

on the corner of Frederick St. and Forney Ave.

Picture circa 1950.

Mennonite men taking down the barn. It was moved to Lancaster County.




Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church located on West Chestnut Street
1743 - see page

Saint Mark's Lutheran Church located on the corner of Carlisle and West Chestnut Streets. This sanctuary held "The Old Town Clock." Miss Doris Baker taught organ and piano to many of the town's youngsters during the 40's and 50's. Date of photo unknown.

Central Hotel

Central Hotel - circa 1863 - facing Frederick Street

Central Hotel - 1893 -facing Frederick Street, Carlisle Street to the right.

Left to right in background:

High Street School, in 1893, the town's high school;

the Opera House (later Park Theater);

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

Central Hotel - 1905 - Frederick Street is to the left, Carlisle Street to the right.

The Central Hotel is to the left and Sipe's European Hotel in the center foreground.

Left to right in the background:

The steeple of the 3rd church of St. Matthew's which was torn down in the early 1920s;

The copula of the High Street school;

The first buildings of the Hanover Shoe factory complex on North Franklin St.

Richard McAllister House  - First house in Hanover

Rear of McAllister House on Baltimore Street. Log Structure. Date of photo unknown.

Richard McAllister house. Date of photo unknown. We suspect this picture predates the one to immediate right.

Richard McAllister house. The first house built in Hanover - 1745. Located on the corner of Baltimore and Middle Streets.
Photograph circa 1890

Richard McAllister house. Photograph circa 1870. [centennial] Read more.

Other Photos

Marion Hall, circa 1908.
Used as a hospital during the Battle of Hanover, it was later converted into an auxiliary classroom between 1885 and 1904.

Gitt Building - 1925
This building burned in 1952 and was replaced with a Penny's Department Store

Midway Dairy
Date of photo unknown
Location unknown

Valley Junction

Date of photo unknown
Location unknown

Name of the back of this and many of these photos is Amelia Ehrhart

Revonah Spinning Mills located on East Middle Street
circa 1915