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Carolyn Clausen Profile

Clausen #001


Swimming at Cowen's Gap
June 3, 1954
Young's Woods - Weiner Roast Betty Eiserman, Tony Fulco, Carolyn Clausen, Joyce Hamm, Bert Elsner. Young's Woods - Weiner Roast Gary Study, ?? Mummert, Linda Fullerton, Carolyn Clausen,  Dede Kemp, ???.  
Sophia Reaver, Patricia Rudisill, Carolyn Clausen, Jackie Rowland

Donna Brown, Eleanor Miller, Nancy Hanson, Rebecca Yingling, Pat Rudisill, Clair Wolfe, Joan Trone

Unknown, Donna Brown, Rebecca Yingling,
Pat Rudisill At The Panio

New Year's Eve - 1955
Sandy Little , Soapy Hart

Sophie Reaver, Jackie Rowland, Patricia Rudisill, Carolyn Clausen 

Charles Winter New Year's Eve - 1955
Tony and Betty Fulco
Tony Fulco and Betty Eiserman
Band Letter Chorus Letter    









Swimming at Cowen's Gap - June 3, 1953
Carolyn Clausen, Anthony Fulco, Betty Eiserman, Geraldine Crawford, Gary Study, unknown, Ronald Leese, Kenneth Leister, Donald Fuhrman
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