Wilfred C. Clausen Collection

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Clausen #007

Forney Farm interior at the Hanover Public Library

Shown here is the interior paneling from the Forney Farmhouse which was razed in 1961. It was located on Frederick Street. Besides the beautiful interior woodwork, the Farm had important historical significance related to the Battle of Hanover. General George A. Custer's Michigan cavalry brigade was deployed just south of the Forney Farm in the village of Pennville adjacent to the farm. They crawled on their hands and knees into the Forney’s field and fired on the enemy who were 300 yards to the east.

Click here for pictures of the original location of the farm.


Paneling from the great room on the first floor of the Forney house.

Carolyn Clausen Harrell visits her fathers archive in Aug. of 1987

The picture to the far left was taken of the parlor while the Forney house was still standing. Mrs. Harrell's father, Wilfred C. Clausen, restored the paneling in the two rooms for display in the Hanover Public Library. He spent tedious hours  removing layers and layers of paint and refinishing the oak to its original color. 

Forney parlor, 2001

Town Square and Central Hotel by

Date stone from springhouse located on Forney Farm, 1760

The four digital pictures above were taken by Paul Hentz of the Forney Exhibit in March of 2001. Other archive items were displayed at that time some of which can be viewed here.

The Hanover Public Library is currently being renovated. We will post pictures of the exhibit when the renovations are complete.