Count Pulaski Flag

Date: 1778.

Brown, (original was red silk) with gold fringe. Eye in the center. [R42]

In 1778, on a commission for the Continental Congress, Pulaski organized an independent corps of cavalry and light infantry know as Pulaski's Legion. Pulaski paid all the costs. He asked the Moravian women of Bethlehem, PA to make a flag for his corps.

The flag was of red silk, embroidered in yellow silk. The sides were not the same as shown on Mr. Clausen's flag. As the flag was meant to be carried by the cavalry on a lance, it was small - 20" square. A silver fringe was sewn around the embroidered silk.

Mr. Clausen's flag shows on both sides - the All-Seeing Eye, thirteen stars and a Latin phrase that means "no other govern".

The original still exists today and has faded to a dull brownish-red at the Maryland Historical Museum in Baltimore.

The troops under Count Casimir Pulaski fought with distinction at the Battle of Brandywine and at the Siege of Savannah, during which the count was killed. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote about this flag in his "Hymn of the Moravian Nuns".

Another version of the Pulaski Legion Flag.