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Jerry Harrell's Photos of the 2005 Flag Exhibit
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Residences at Hanover Shoe. 65 flags were displayed at this location.

8 volunteers assembled all 65 flags in less than one hour.

JoAnn Hentz prepares breakfast for the volunteers who started at 6:00 AM

29 flags were able to be displayed along the main hallway.

Each flag was accompanied by a clipboard with information about the flag.

Flags ready to be taken to Wirt Park.

Ten flags were displayed at Wirt Park.


The Ten Commandments Monument at Wirt Park

  Sample of information boards.  
Senior Archivists of the
Hanover Public School District
gather for the First Annual Meeting of the Archives of the Hanover Public School District.
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Betty and Paul discuss the proper transport of live cannon balls. We decided to use Carolyn Moul's car.

Conference table for working bunch.

Senior Archivists


Barbara Chronister's Photos of the 2005 Annual Meeting

JoAnn and Paul Hentz Archivists Carolyn and Jerry Harrell Barbara Chronister and Carolyn Moul
  Tony and Betty Fulco JoAnn and Paul  
JoAnn Hentz's Photos of the 2005 Flag Exhibit








The Senior Archivists of the Hanover Public School District
July 31, 2005
left to right:
Tony Fulco [class of 54], Betty Eiserman Fulco [class of 54], Carolyn Clausen Harrell [class of 54], Paul Hentz [class of 64], Barbara Chronister [class of 54], Carolyn Moul [class of 54].
Photo taken by Jerry Harrell, dinner by JoAnn Hentz
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