Chronister Collection

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contributed by Barbara Chronister
Class of 1954


These photos are part of the Barbara Chronister Post Card Collection. The date of the photo postcards below is unknown. We suspect that they were taken around the time of World War I. We are posting these images for feedback. Please contact Paul Hentz as webmaster of the Hanover Public School District.

Center Square from southwest corner. Welcome Eagles. Could this be the Eagle Club? Baltimore Street? They are goats! Notice the Model A or Model T in background. Baltimore Street coming from Mt. Olivet Cemetery. After WWI?
Help. Anyone recognize the street? Trolley Tracks. Baltimore St again? Anyone recognize the uniforms. Knights of Pythias? What is with the hats? A club? Fire Company? I think a 48-star flag. Looks like 40 stars, but that would be very rare and date back to 1865. Help with the banner, please. I think Baltimore Street.
Is the name of the dog Iron Mike? Furniture store sign in background. Mason's Float?
American Legion float, turning corner at Baltimore and Square? Can't identify group on float. Take a look at clothing. May be later than previous pictures.
Has to be old Fair Grounds on York Street. Baptism of Washington? What does that mean? Possibly DAR? Marriage of Washington? Washington's Birthday?
When did we move to President's day?