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contributed by Barbara Chronister
Class of 1954


Fire Stations of Hanover, PA - visit the Hanover Fire Museum

Fire Company No. 1
West Chestnut Street - 1921, circa 1912
Eagle Fire Company No. 2
East Hanover Street, circa1915
Fire Company No. 1
Silsby Steam Fire Engine, Peter Fuhrman, Driver
Company No. 1 list of fire boxes in the community - circa 1950   Fire Company No. 1 - West Chestnut Street - 1936
Contributed by Paul Hentz [class of 1964]

Hanover Fire Company No. 1, East Chestnut Street. Standing, left to right; Walter E. Fuhrman and Richard B. Williams, Drivers; John C. Fuhrman, Chief; Reginald C. Stremmel, Second Assistant Chief; Donald Huff and Nicholas P. Wagner, Drivers. Apparatus 1962 Pontiac Ambulance; 1935 Mack 85 Pumper, 750 G.P.M.; 1947 Mack 85 Pumper, 750 G.P.M.; 1955 International Emergency Truck.

Eagle Fire Company No. 2, East Hanover Street. Standing, left to right: Victor W. Kroh, First Assistant Chief; Harry W. Reed, Battalion Chief; Holman T. Lemmon and Richard F. Scheivert, Drivers; Lloyd C. Ripka and Earl W. Bortner, Drivers. Apparatus 1903 Hose Reel; 1937 American LaFrance Pumper, 750 G.P.M.; 1962 International Pumper, 750 G.P.M.; 1950 85-foot American LaFrance Ladder Truck; 1955 Dodge Service Truck with 7500-watt generator.

Silsby Fire Engine - 1966

Shortly after the town of Hanover was incorporated into a borough in 1815, the first organization of fire fighters took place. This was a volunteer group with the usual first desire to give to their homes and the homes of their neighbors the safeguard needed should destruction threaten.

The first engine acquired was known as the "Grinder" and now occupies a place in the parlor of the home of Hanover Fire Co. No. 1. The first engine house, it is thought, stood on Baltimore Street at the southwest corner of Baltimore and Walnut Streets.

The next engine house in Hanover stood on Broadway near where Emmanuel Reformed Church now stands. In 1830 a reorganization was effected and another engine was purchased called the "Hand Engine". It is known that this engine, bought from the city of Baltimore, appeared in a parade in Washington when the cornerstone of the great Washington Monument in the Capitol City of the nation was laid. This apparatus also is on display at the present Hanover Fire Co. No. 1 home.

In 1878 a growing town and an informed citizenry realized that an up-to-date development of our fire fighting equipment was necessary and the next piece of equipment purchased was a Silsby steam fire engine which was put into use in 1882.

Now an engine house was needed to house this engine and this was built on East Chestnut street. This engine was propelled by horses rented from a livery stable located next to the engine house. Shortly thereafter $1,000.00 was raised to purchase horses and a Haves Hook and Ladder Truck with a fifty foot ladder as well as smaller ladders and hooks.

Eagle Fire Co. No. 2. was organized in 1903 and located on East Hanover Street.


OFFICIAL PROGRAM of the BICENTENNIAL of the FOUNDING of HANOVER and the CENTENNIAL of the BATTLE OF HANOVER. Hanover Community Bi-Centennial Corporation. Hanover, PA. 1963

Fire Station No. 1 of Hanover, PA

Located on West Chestnut Street in Hanover, PA. Photos taken by Barbara Chronister in 1981.


Eagle Fire Station No. 2 of Hanover, PA

Located on West Hanover Street and Eagle Avenue  in Hanover, PA. Photos contributed by Patricia Mountjoy circa 2000.


Wirt Park Station, 1979
This station replaced both Fire Company No. 1 and No. 2. It is located on the corner of Park Avenue and N. Franklin Street, diagonal from Wirt Park. The location was originally part of the Hanover Shoe complex occupying the block from Franklin to Carlisle Streets. Photos were taken by Barbara Chronister during construction in 1979.

Fire Company No. 1 located on W. Chestnut Street Eagle Fire Company No. 2 located on W. Hanover Street    
Wirt Park Station, 1982