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contributed by Barbara Chronister
Class of 1954


Center Square
check out Center Square from Our Town and the Clausen Collections

The photo to the left show Center Square as it appeared in 1863 just before the Battle of Hanover

The second photo above shows Center Square (Fountain Square) as it appeared in early 1904 shortly before the "Picket" replaced the Fountain in the center of the oval. It shows the Northwest Quadrant of the square. In the background can be seen the Central Hotel building, still standing today. At the top of photo can be seen the roof tops of St. Matthew Church and the Opera House which was located on W. Chestnut St. The open side trolley was the type used in the summer.

The aerial view  to the far right was taken 1935 when the Battle Monument still occupied the center of the Square. Frederick Street is at the top, Carlisle to the right, Broadway at the bottom and Baltimore to the left.

The photo beneath the aerial view shows the Southwest corner of the Square in July of 1905. General George Custer tied his horse to the maple tree (center rear) beside the old J. W. Gitt building, during a lull in the action of the Battle of Hanover. The Gitt building was destroyed by fire in 1950.

The post card to the right show the square from Frederick Street during the between 1905 and 1910

President Nixon Visits Hanover - 1968

President Richard M. Nixon visited Staub's Drug Store in Hanover in 1968.

Nixon also visited his namesake park near Jacobus in 1968. He donated $5,000 to the park after his visit and regularly contributed funds until his death in 1994.

In 1946, when Nixon was first elected to the U.S. House, Nixon's parents moved to a Menges Mills farm. Their son visited them several times.


Battle Monument on Center Square - The Picket
additional information located at Our Town and Battle of Hanover

circa 1914 Back of card to left circa 1915 1930s or 40s
1950s The Picket
The Picket
late 30's or early 40s
The Picket
The Picket
The Picket
The Picket
circa 1972
Center Square in circa 1976

see panes below

Battle Monument, "The Picket"
after it was moved to northeast corner of the Square
"Iron Mike accompanies "The Picket" monument Center Square between Carlisle Street and Broadway Cannon at Center Square

The pictures below were taken by Barbara Chronister in 1990. The picture to the left was taken in 1987.


Broadway facing northeast

Postmarked 1908. Photo taken from top of a building on Broadway towards Carlisle Street. Eichelberg High School center background.

The photo to the left is large and may take some time to open. It was scanned at very high resolution to help folks identify some of the buildings. Also see view in opposite direction

In front of the Battle Monument facing Broadway
circa 1915
Scene at left at night
circa 1915
Broadway is behind monument
date unknown
Broadway 1916
Charles F. Sarbaugh Jewelry - the Square and Broadway
circa 1905.
Charles F. Sarbaugh Jewelry -
promoting wireless system.
circa 1907
Became G.C. Murphy.
Broadway is behind monument
G.C. Murphy is on the left, Columbia Jewelry on the right
Northwest Quadrant
left to right: Hollander's Auto Supplies, entrance to the Central Hotel, McCroy's 5&10 (later the Bon-Ton)
circa late 40's early 50s
this is a photograph
circa 1950s The Moul Residence 2nd block of Broadway - date unknown Broadway and York Street
Dr. Keagy home on Broadway, next to old Post Office - 1986
Broadway looking towards Square from the Post Office at Locust St. - 1997 Tanger's Hardware and, adjacent right, Baker's Dress Shop on Broadway - 1997 Famous Hot Weiner on corner of Broadway and York Street
Sandy Woods, former location of Shirk's Hardware on corner of Broadway and Railroad St.

Hanover (Devener's) Airport at 1479 Broadway, circa 1963. Located just north of Moulstown Road.


York Street

Facing west from Hanover Street we think, 1907 Color version of card to the left Facing west from East Middle Street, circa 1910  
1990-York Street, Broadway to left. Famous Hot Weiner
Butcher Shop on right.
McAllister Hotel on York Street - 1990 Richard McAllister Hotel on York Street - 1997
1990 - Facing North towards Broadway from East Walnut Street. York Street and E. Walnut


Baltimore Street facing Southeast

Each of these cards is circa 1910. The third in this series carries a postmark of Nov. 28, 1910 late 40s
Read more about the Mau-Dra Ice Cream Parlor
Baltimore Street possibly just north of Middle Street - 1908 Elks Home - 1909 -
Located on the corner of Exchange Place & Baltimore St. The Mau Dra Ice Cream Parlor entrance was the first door at the left of this postcard. The Elks entrance was the second door from the left with steps going up to door. The next building to the right with bow window was the Farmers Bank.
Looking South on Baltimore St.
Facing Square - 1908 Facing Square - 1908 From the Square facing southeast - circa 1939
Looking South on Baltimore St.
From the Bon-Ton building across Square to Baltimore Street - 1967  
1993-Leinhart Bros. Furniture Store. South of Square
Also Rusty Naill, previously Bubbs Bootry.
Bowman's Butcher Shop at 858 Baltimore St. across from the Forest Park entrance. 1987.
From Beattie Bowman.
J.P. Jewelers - 2003
Square and Baltimore Street
Soldier Monument at Mount Olivet Cemetery on Baltimore Street Entrance to Mount Olivet Cemetery on Baltimore Street Parkville Fire Company - 1980, later the De Ole Village Vendor


Square between Baltimore and Frederick Streets - facing south between

People's National Bank on Center Square, circa 1912 Gitt Building circa 1914. The Gitt building burned down on April 1, 1950. Facing south circa 1906 Facing south circa 1908
HANOVER GLOVE FACTORY IS LOCATED ON EXCHANGE PLACE. Exchange Place is located in the section between Baltimore St. & Frederick St.  
Hanover Glove Factory - 2003
First block behind Baltimore St.
Farmers Bank, 1982


Frederick Street facing southwest

From Square - circa 1904
Scene of the first skirmish of the Battle of Hanover
Looking West on Frederick Street from Center Square
These pictures were taken in 1972 of 213 Frederick St. which was torn down for drive-up window for the First Federal Saving & Loan Assoc. When originally built, this house was an outstanding example of the Federal style of construction. From left to right are the doorway, the front of the house facing Frederick St., the rear and a side view.
McCory's on Frederick 1993 New Central Hotel 1993 Witman's Pharmacy, Deco Building was Montgomery Ward Store 1993
St. Matthew's Annex (parsonage) 2004 Looking back from Frederick Street toward St. Matthew's Church on W. Chestnut St.  
Prowell's Millinery later P & L Snack Shop  Prowell's Millinery -later P & L Snack, space, building with green awning was  Bechtel Plumbing, later Knox's restaurant, now Gifty Baskets & Flowers Hanover Theater, previously State Theater, now an antiques store - 2004
John Luther Long House - 1981
Plaque was located here commemorating John Luther Long, author of the book, Madame Butterfly,
on which Pucinni's Opera was based. 
See more about Madame Butterfly on this site.


Carlisle Street facing Northwest

1909 circa 1910 1912 from the Square - 1918

Circa 1914. The above scene shows Carlisle St. looking northwest. The building on the right housed the Hanover

1912. Facing south. Hanover Savings Fund building is on the left. circa 1915. Facing north circa 1915. Facing north

Saving Fund Society (now Bank of Hanover).  On the left the brown brick building stood at the site where Hamilton Bank is now located. That building housed Hoover's 5 & 10 cent store. Later, in 1923, was the site of Penney's, later it became the site of Sears & Roebuck and then the site of the first Bon-Ton store in Hanover. The street was brick paved.

1906 Utz Potato Chip Co.
Carlisle St. and Clearview Road
circa 1960
Hanover Trust Building
1922. Square and Carlisle St.
Called Sheppard and Myers Building on this card - 1930
became the Bon-Ton in the 1960s
circa early 40s Looking North on Carlisle Street - 1906
Mr. & Mrs. Gemmill who had Shultz's Grocery Store. This photo was taken in 1968 on the last day of business before closing.
The photo to the right is the J. P. Shultz, & Son Grocery Store located at 141 Carlisle St. (Now Barrick Insurance)
  Looking North on Carlisle Street - 1963
1984 - left to right
Fischer's Stationary, unknown, M.C. Nace Ladies Clothing, Texas Lunch, Hanover Clothing for Men.
1986 - was Cline's Restaurant, a popular hang-out for high school students during the 50's. Library in background. Hanover Hardware, corner of Carlisle and E. Chestnut - 1992 Pretzel's Plus - Carlisle Street near W. Chestnut 1992
Victory Restaurant - 50th Anniversary, 1942 - 1992 Victory Restaurant - 2004 during closing Northwest Saving Bank 2003
Square and Carlisle Street
Shear's Cut Rate - 1977
140 Carlisle Street
Owned by Harold and Kassie Wentz

Right: One Hundred block of Carlisle Street in 1977

Evening Sun - apartments in 2005

Benford's Furniture - Hanover Area Council of Churches in 2005

Benford's Residence

Shear's Cut Rate - John Teal, CPA in 2005

Columbia Gas Company - Hanover Chamber of Commerce in 2005


Clearview Shopping Center

Clearview Shopping Center in 1987. Construction shown here closes the original courtyard and adds additional space. Left - Woolworth Department Store; middle picture shows People's Drug Store to the right and shoe store to the left  
Clearview Shopping Center in 2000.  
Crabb's Tropical Treat - 1991
On Route 94, Carlisle Street extended near Cross Keys

Hanover Shoe Company on Carlisle Street - Winter of 1979 prior to demolition. Pictures taken from North Franklin Street.

  Demolition in August of 1979.


Franklin Street

Hanover Fire Department - Wirt Park Station, 1979
This station replaced both Fire Company No. 1 and No. 2. It is located on the corner of Park Avenue and N. Franklin Street, diagonal from Wirt Park. The location was originally part of the Hanover Shoe complex occupying the block from Franklin to Carlisle Streets. Photos were taken by Barbara Chronister during construction in 1979.

Fire Company No. 1 located on W. Chestnut Street Eagle Fire Company No. 2 located on W. Hanover Street    
Wirt Park Station, 1982


East Middle Street

Alwood House, first house on right at 328 East Middle Street - 1907 Hanover Wire Cloth
circa 1950


High Street

Hanover Wood and Heel - now Swan's Electric
July, 1989