Chronister Collection

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contributed by Barbara Chronister
Class of 1954


Post Card and Photo Collection
This is an extensive collection of postcards featuring Hanover, PA contributed to the Archive by Barbara Chronister [class of 54]. Viewers will find some of these cards posted in other areas of the Archives by other contributors. Except for a few items, we have scanned all of the Chronister Collection because of its value as a single source. The Alumni and the Hanover Public School District extend our deep appreciation for Barbara's willingness to share this valued collection.

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Earliest Post Cards

To John Rupp June 2, 1883 Back of card to left To John Rupp Dec 2, 1884 Back of card to left
"Lady of Quality" play at the Hanover Theater on Baltimore Street - year unknown Back of card to left    

1905 - 1915

Embossed card from 1913 Back of card to left Embossed card from 1908 Back of card to left
Postmarked 1912
Notice the colors Orange & Black date back to Eichelberg High School era
Back of card to left    

Local History Post Cards made by William Anthony - the production date for these post cards is unknown: however, we suspect that they were published in the late 30s. They offer a historical review of incidents famous to the heritage of the town.

The dedication of the battle monument, "The Picket" on Center Square in 1904 Back of card to left Tribute to the women who volunteered as nurses during and after the Battle of Hanover Review of Vermont action early in the Battle of Hanover
Poem "The Bells of Hanovertown" celebrating the bells of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church This card supports the claim that the Battle of Hanover was the true turning point in the Civil War. Washington visits Hanover Franklin stays in Hanover at McAllister Inn

Neas House
additional information on the Hanover Historical Society web site.

The Neas (sometimes pronounced "Nace") House was originally built in 1790. These pictures were taken in the summer of 1967, six years prior to the restoration of the home to its 1815 estate inventory.

Front facing south along W. Chestnut Street - 2004 West side of Neas House on High Street - 2004 West gardens - 2004 East side of house from North Franklin Street - 2004
map of area

Hanover Shoe Company
additional information on the Hanover Shoe Company

circa 1910 circa 1906 circa 1912 circa 1946

Hanover Shoe Farms
additional information the Hanover Shoe Farms

Entrance to Hanover Shoe Farms
date unknown
date unknown World's largest Standardbred farm Race track at the Shoe Farms
Pastures and Barns at Hanover Shoe Farms
date unknown
Stadium and Fair Grounds on York Street in Hanover, PA
circa 1910
Standardbred (sulky) race at Fair Grounds - 1907
this is a high resolution scan

Library Place - Union Station and Young Memorial Library
more about Young Memorial Library at District Schools and Our Town (see different decade sections)

Union Station circa 1905
Young Memorial Library is to the left.
Young Memorial Library
circa 1912
this card has a 1921 postmark
Photo reproduction of Young Memorial Library circa 1912 Young Memorial Library
Union Station 1972 Young Memorial Library

New Library - 2001 -

2001 - Houses behind Young Memorial Library prior to demolition to make room for new additions. Site preparation for Guthrie Memorial Library Additions - 2003
Site preparation for Guthrie Memorial Library Additions - 2003 Site in 2004

Post Office  - when it was located on Broadway
see more pictures of the Post Office at Our Town

These three cards are circa 1914 circa late 40s
Post Office at its new location on High Street in 1971
on the property of the High Street Grade School
Trone and Weikert Men's Clothing Store located in old Post Office Building - 1986

Hotel Richard McAllister  - named for the town's founder, the hotel is located on York Street near Broadway and in still operating. [2004]

circa 1920 circa 1935

Eichelberg High School
see additional information about the Eichelberg Building, and other photos by Barbara Chronister of the  Eichelberger High School.

1908 1909 circa 1910 Postmarked 1921, circa 1910
Eichelberger High School
middle 50s
Eichelberger High School
late 60's then a Junior High
Hanover High School - circa 1965
more about district schools

Other Schools

see district schools

High Street Building - first High School. 1906
Used as a Grade School in 1906
Yellow Brick Building on W. Walnut Street - 1916
Used as a High School in 1916
High School on W. Walnut St.


York and Hanover Trolley Bridge
Circa 1910
Waldheim Bridge
near Dick's Dam north of Hanover off of Route 94
Covered Bridge located near Conewago Chapel south of Hanover - date unknown

Hanover General Hospital Highland Avenue, one block north of Stock Street, behind Eichelberger Building.

circa 1915 circa 1915 late 30s, early 40 circa 1935
1951 mid 50s circa 1959  
Hanover General Hospital in late 1980s
Hillview House to the rear of the hospital      

Hanover Saving Fund Society - currently the Bank of Hanover. The Corinthian facade of this building was used by local community and public school bands as a backdrop for band pictures.

circa 1915 circa 1915 circa 1940 interior of Hanover Savings Fund Building - circa 1915

Churches of Hanover - more about Churches of Hanover. Follow the link to specific churches

St. Marks Lutheran Church on Carlisle Street - 1912    link Methodist Evangelical [United Methodist] on Frederick Street
1912    link
First Methodist Episcopal Church circa 1960  
Grace E.U.B. at Spring Avenue and Locust Streets
circa 1950s   link
St. Matthews Lutheran Church
West Chestnut Street from the rear - circa 1950s    link
St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Baltimore Street
circa 1950s    link
Conewago Chapel - oldest Catholic Church in the U.S.
date unknown
picture link     Diocesan History
Conewago Chapel - 1906 Conewago Chapel - circa 1955  

St. Paul's Lutheran Church link

St. Paul's Lutheran Church - 1915. This photo is not part of this collection 1915 Tornado.
Steeple in background is St. Paul's Lutheran On Walnut St. 
St. Paul's on York Street
circa 1950s
Chancel of St. Paul's on York Street
circa 1950s

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church - these photos were taken in 1971. link

3rd church and 4th St. Matthew's Church on W. Chestnut St. - 1971 Steeple of 4th church from North Franklin Street Front of 3rd church on W. Chestnut St. Wren Spire attached to west wall of 3rd church
removed 1975
Cemetery rear of current St. Matthew's location on W. Chestnut St.      

Hanover Impounding Dam - Sheppard and Myers Dam


This dam impounds water for use in Hanover. Pa., and vicinity. The dam was built in 1932. and has a capacity of 217.400,000 gallons. covering an area of 46 and 1/2 acres. The watershed is forested with a total of 1,500,000 conifer trees.

Date unknown

The two impounding water dams for the Hanover Municipal Water Works Located southwest of Hanover in West Manheim Township, of York County, Pennsylvania Bottom

Right: Sheppard and Myers Impounding Dam built in 1932

Top Left: Lawrence Baker Sheppard Impounding Dam built in 1965.

Pictures below were taken in 1981 by Barbara Chronister


Hills were named after the passenger pigeons which formerly flocked to the hills in tremendous numbers. They disappeared mysteriously in the early 1920's. Three ponds, which were originally ore holes, and land adjacent to them in a 100-acre tract are now used for parks, hiking, nature study, and other recreation.


Modern Post Cards of Hanover, PA
from the 1950's and 60s. None of the cards have a postmark.

      Hanover Airport now defunct

Project 70 - Lake Marburg
This impounding dam south east of Hanover, was originally referred to as Project 70. These photos are of Lake Marburg in the January of 1981. Lake Marburg is located on the Blooming Grove Road, Route 216.

Low water in January of 1980


Market House
The Hanover Market House is located on E. Chestnut Street just east of Fire Station No. 1. Photos taken in 1984.