Eichelberger High School - Class of 1954 Profiles

To My Classmates,

I moved away from Hanover in 1958 and returned only a few times between then and 2003.

When I decided to volunteer for the job of editing a scrapbook to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our graduation from EHS, I said to myself, "This is going to be a lot of work, but it's also an opportunity to get to know about the 200 probably very nice people whom I don't know very well, and that should be a lot of fun."

My experience is that when you do something worthwhile, it usually entails a lot of hard work, and putting this scrapbook together was no exception. But...the "prize" was worth it. I hope all of you get at least a small fraction of the pleasure from reading this that I got from putting it together.

Thanks for the privilege of letting me share a small part of your lives.

Bill Hoke

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in memoriam

Audrey A. Albin Martha H. Albright Joyce E. Alwine      
Dale G. Bair Nancy G. Baker Marie C. Bange Marie Bankert Charlene Bankert Oren E. Barnhart
Simpson M. Baublitz Charles E. Bealing Phyllis A. Bechtel Lloyd E. Becker Merle L. Becker N. Michel Becker
Reuben L. Becker Larry G. Blocher Donald Blouse Ralph E. Bossom Carol L. Bowman Patricia Boyle
Donna Brown Phyllis K. Byers        
Barbara A. Chronister Carolyn M. Clausen Patsy A. Cool Roy Craumer, Jr. Geraldine Crawford Carolyn B. Crooks
Bradford L. Cross          
William H. Dell Fred A. Doyle Patricia L. Dubs Gerald L. Duck    
Barbara J. Ebaugh Joseph J. Edwards Betty J. Eiserman Shirley A. Eline Bertram F. Elsner Larry S. Epley
Leo Fink
Joan A. Faber Mildred E. Feeser Robert W. Feeser   Edward F. Fissel Jean Forry
James E. Fridinger
Mary Ann Fritz   Anna May Frock Jean K. Frock Donald A. Fuhrman Anthony D. Fulco
David L. Funk          
James R. Garrett
  Rodney S. Gobrecht Wilson E. Graf Albert L. Graf Gary A. Graham Edouard J. Grenier
Daniel Groft Sherman F. Gross   Wayne L. Grove    
David L. Hahn Joyce C. Hamm Nancy W. Hanson Joanne E. Harner Shirley A. Hartlaub William L. Heist
Dale Hoff Myrtle J. Hoff Robin C. Hoffman William W. Hoke

Erlene M. Hoover

Marvin H. Houck
Cletus L. Hull          
Albert H. Jacobs Helen K. Jamison Richard H. Jones      
Angela M. Kaehler John W. Kagarise Willard W. Kagarise Gladys L. Keeney Shirley A. Kehr Dean E. Kehr
William P. Kepner Ray E. Kerchner Kathryn R. Kessler Mary A. Kessler Donald B. King Lois D. King
Margaret E.Kline Dolores M. Kopp Philip C. Krenzer      
Earl Lawyer
Shirley LaMotte Barbara A. Lau Alton C. Laughman John N. Laughman Richard A. Laughman  
Ferne Lehigh
Janet M. Leese Ronald L.Leese   Margaret E. Lehigh Kenneth F. Leister Clyde W. Leppo
Donald E. Lippy  
Frederick M. Leppo Shirley M. Lightner   Larry E. Lookenbill Pauline M. Luckenbaugh  
Paul Maloney
Doris L. Manahan   Francis E. Marchio Betty A. Markle Glendon W. Markle Shirley A. Marsh
William G. Marsh Jack L. McLaughlin Marjorie A. Mehring Nadine C. Menges Helen M. Messinger Eleanor M. Miller
Eugene P. Miller Eugene W. Miller George E. Miller E. Lorraine Miller E. Nadine Miller Patricia A. Miller
Robert W. MIller Austin Mills, Jr. Carolyn R. Moul Francis I. Moul Julie A. Mudge Donald L. Mummert
Eva M. Mummert Robert Mummert Ronald E. Mummert R. Kenneth Myers Willis J. Myers
Thomas A. Nell Edwin S. Nickey        
Betty L. Orndorff Nancy L. Orndorff        
Hilda Parrill      
Fred N. Pittinger Anna L. Pottorff      
Larry E. Raubenstine Sophia E. Reaver Patricia J. Rebert Max R. Reck Sylvia Reck Fern L. Reindollar
Shirley Renoll Donna Rhodes Reginald L. Rife Dorothy Rightmire Christine L. Riley Evelyn J. Rodgers
Barbara A. Rohrbaugh Gary A. Rohrbaugh George W. Rohrbaugh Larry T. Rohrbaugh Jacqueline J. Rowland Patricia A. Rudisill
Donald Rutters          
Gary E. Scholl Rose A. Scholl Yvonne M. Schue Raymond P. Senft Ann L. Shafer Carol J. Shafer
Robert L. Sheets Betty L. Shorb Gary R. Shultz Thomas E. Smith Nancy R. Snyder Shirley A. Snyder
Marlene R. Sponseller Ralph W. Sprenkle Alice L. Starner Marlene M. Sterner Ray Sterner Constance Stonesifer
Morris Stover Joanne F. Strausbaugh Lorraine D. Strickler Gary O. Study    
Theodore F. Toomey Daryl M. Toot Jacqueline C. Trite Joan M. Trone    
Charles J. Wagaman Sally Warehime Arlene L. Warner Yvonne G. Weaver Paul G. Wege Shirley A. Wentz
Philip M. Whisler Edward D. White Michael B. Wierman Darell E. Wildasin Romaine G. Wildasin Andrew S. Winebrenner
Charles G. Winter Patricia A. Wise Shirley A. Wise Donald A. Wolfe Clare M. Wolff  
Rebecca J. Yingling Pauline Yohe        
Nancy V. Zartman