By Bill Hoke


Natasha Hoke

She is more computer literate than I am. She taught me Word (until the scrapbook effort I was using a 20-year old word processing program called “WordStar”). Natasha did all of the picture scanning (and there was a lot of that), and she taught me how to move files and a lot of other things about running Windows.


Ken Myers

Ken put an enormous amount of time into compiling a current list of mailing addresses and email addresses. I knew Ken’s list was available before I volunteered for the scrapbook project, and I probably would not have volunteered if his list would not have been available. Ken’s list was an essential part of the information gathering effort.


Doris Manahan Rohrbaugh

Doris did the art work for the cover and the divider pages and I think they turned out great. She also meticulously proof read about 160 of the individual Profiles. She caught scores of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors (most of them made by me). I forgot to send her about 30 Profiles, and if you discover a single error in spelling, punctuation, or grammar in a Profile, I assure you it’s in a Profile I forgot to send to Doris.


Paul Hentz and the kids at Hanover High

When you view the Hanover High School Website and/or the CD, I think you will be astonished at what Paul and his students created. What isn’t evident from viewing Paul’s work is the tremendous amount of time he saved me in my efforts to create the scrapbook. The final layout of the Profiles pages in the scrapbook was done by Paul. He and his students saved me a tremendous amount of time in putting the scrapbook into a form which could be efficiently produced by a commercial printer.


Betty Eiserman Fulco

When I think of Betty, I think of the battery ads featuring the Energizer Bunny. Betty just never quits … she just goes and goes. She put an enormous amount of time and energy into the Website and some of her efforts in that project were a big help to me for the scrapbook.


Peggy Kline Duck and the “Cactus Willie’s people”

Peggy took me under her wing when I started attending the Cactus Willie’s dinners, and helped me to get to know the classmates who get together in Hanover on the third Wednesday of each month. The Cactus Willies people were a big help in letting me get a feel for the audience for the scrapbook. Before I began attending the Cactus Willie’s gatherings, the initial interest in the scrapbook was not very high and I considered dropping the idea. Without the enthusiastic support and encouragement of Peggy and the Cactus Willie’s people, the scrapbook probably would not have been created.