Romaine (Wildasin) Leppo

Hanover, Pa.





Romaine and her husband, Nevin, live in Hanover. They met in October 1952 at an indoor fair. They have three children and seven grandchildren. Romaine worked in food service for the South Western School District for 31 ½ years, and Nevin worked at the Hanover Post Office. They are both retired. She does volunteer work for her church and for the Pleasant Hill Fire Co.


They have traveled extensively in the US, and to Canada. They enjoy attending high school sports events, live performances of major entertainers, Broadway type musical performances, plays, county fairs, local band concerts and events their grandchildren are in.


Romaine thinks about the good old days sometimes, and she liked the slower pace, less traffic, and more respect shown to others back then. She does appreciate the advanced medical technology, cell phones, and cable TV of today.


She is proud of …


“Raised our three sons to be responsible parents.”