Shirley (Wentz) Parry

Port Orange, Florida






Shirley and her husband, John, live in Port Orange, Florida. They have four children and seven grandchildren. They met in Hanover in 1953 just after he was discharged from the army. (Ed. Note: Normally I do a write-up based on answers to the questionnaire, but Shirley sent a great letter with the questionnaire, which is more interesting than anything I could have written, so here is her letter).


“In 1969 we sold our home and business in Hanover and moved to Daytona Beach, Florida. John was in retail sales and then maintenance management at ERAU. I returned to office work in 1976. After all the children were through school and married, we decided to change our occupations. John and I studied for our licenses in real estate and condominium management. In 1991, we sold our home and for the next 11 years, we lived in and managed oceanfront high rise condominiums. We both retired in 2002, but after 3 months, John decided he wasn’t ready for retirement and is now working part time for a management company. I have been busy baby sitting our two youngest granddaughters ages 3 and 9.


Our oldest son and family live in Dallas, Texas, and the other three live in the Daytona Beach area. Two of our grandsons are in college, one finishing an engineering degree this year at OU, and the other is in his second year of business school at NYU.


We have been fortunate to travel to Alaska, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Greek Isles, Crete, Cypress, Mexico, and Costa Rica, and to be able to take our children, spouses, and grandchildren on cruises to the eastern and western Caribbean. Living in Florida gives a great opportunity to go on cruises which we both love.


Life has had its struggles, our oldest daughter is a 25 year survivor of lymphoma cancer, and John is a 5 year survivor of lung cancer. We praise the Lord and are thankful each day for His love, mercy, and healing power.”


Shirley is proud of, “Having raised four wonderful children and celebrating 48 years of marriage in September, 2003.”