Constance (Stonesifer) Fisher

Hanover, Pa.


Connie and her husband, Richard, live in Hanover. They met, according to Connie, “At EHS in Mr. Paul’s class when he was home on a visit with his Air Force uniform on. I think I sharpened everyone’s pencil in the class just so he would notice me. Mr. Paul even asked me if I had all the pencils sharpened now. When I got home, he had called for a date.” (Ed. Note: that was in Feb. 1953. They got married in Aug. 1953.) They have three sons, one daughter and … get ready because this is a biggie …


They have fifteen grandchildren and nine great grandchildren !!!


Connie worked for Avon for ten years, she was a secretary for Mt. Olivet Cemetery for 14 years, and a waitress at The Famous Hot Weiner for many years. Richard was a foreman for the State Highway Department, Superintendent at Mt. Olivet Cemetery (14 years) and he worked for Penn Township in re-cycling. They are both retired. Her hobbies are baking and cooking (her email address is


She feels the education we got at EHS was better than today’s public high schools. She says, “At least we can add and subtract without a calculator, and make change without the cash register telling us how much to give back.” She thinks about the good old days quite often and she liked it when, “things were a lot more low keyed. You could trust your neighbors, and you knew your neighbors, and they helped each other in times of need.” She is grateful for the advances in our modern medical technology.


Connie and Richard enjoy attending high school sports events, symphony orchestra performances, and events their children and grandchildren are in. They follow sports on TV.


She is proud of … “Having and raising four wonderful children.”


Connie’s message to her classmates is …“I would like to thank all my classmates, who haven’t forgotten me, over the years. I wish all of you good health, good luck, and good fortune; and may God bless you all.”