Marlene (Sterner) Shilling

Hanover, Pa.





Marlene and her husband, Fred, live in Hanover. They provide care to her 96-year- old mother who lives with them. They have two children, Ann and Brian, and two grandchildren. They met in 1954, “when Fred moved to Hanover the summer after I graduated and his dad became my Pastor.” Marlene was a music teacher and free-lance musician and she is semi retired. Fred was a Lutheran Pastor, a Chaplain, and a religious consultant and he is also semi retired. Her hobbies are biking (bicycle) and exercise of many kinds. Marlene is an active volunteer in PAL (council of churches lunch program). She also provides entertainment at several nursing homes, and she participates in many other church activities.


Her favorite teacher was Mrs. Cystowitz, and Mary Menges got her vote for most effective teacher. She and Fred enjoy high school sports events; live performances of major entertainers; local band concerts; symphony orchestra, ballet, and opera performances; Broadway type musical performances; plays; and events their grandchildren are in. She almost never longs for the good old days, but she liked, “the more simple life, more countryside nearby, and a younger healthier body.” She does appreciate the better communication, more available transportation, and “a more mature understanding of life” of today.


Marlene and Fred have traveled throughout the USA including Hawaii, and they have been to Canada, Europe, and Asia.


Marlene is proud of and thankful  … “For God’s work in my life, and the opportunities to teach music and help people over the years. I am also thankful for my marriage surviving and that my children work in helping professions.”


Her message to her classmates is … “I am glad for my experience at EHS, especially the chance to play the piano which continues to give me much joy. I also thank my classmates for being a learning ground for me during my teenage years.”


Marlene has a BS from Gettysburg College, and Fred has a BA from Susquehanna University, and he completed his Divinity studies at Gettysburg Seminary.