Ralph W. Sprenkle

Spring Grove, Pa.


Jake lives in Spring Grove, Pa. He has three children and three grandchildren.


He is a retired mechanic. He likes doing outside work and his hobby is hunting. Jake also enjoys attending public auctions and sales. He feels the education we got at EHS was better than that provided by today’s public high schools.


He has traveled to Florida, Canada, and the Caribbean.


He sometimes thinks about the good old days when things were a “little slower and things were more positive.”


(Editor’s note: This bio is the 181st one I’ve written and Jake is the only one who observed that life was more positive when we went to high school. Several people observed that we were more optimistic when we were 17 (with our dreams and our lives ahead of us), but no one else made a comment regarding people in general in this respect. I hadn’t thought about that until he mentioned it, but I happen to agree with him. Thanks Jake for pointing that out).


He does appreciate the significant advances in medical and everyday technology of our modern times.