Marlene (Sponseller) Strickler

Hanover, Pa.





Marlene and her husband, Lorn, live in Hanover. She has three children from her first marriage and Lorn has two children from his first marriage. Together, they have seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren! They met at an SKF banquet 24 years ago and have been married for 22 years. Marlene is retired from Hanover Direct, and she’s a part-time waitress now. Lorn has operated Strickler’s Hobby House for many years and is still operating it on a semi retired basis. Her hobbies are reading, walking, and shopping. Marlene does volunteer work for the Pal program and she helps in the nursery at church.


She and Lorn have traveled throughout the USA and they have been to Europe. They enjoy attending high school sports events, live performances of major entertainers, flower shows, plays, county fairs, and events their grandchildren are in. They attended a Little League baseball World Series in Atlanta, Ga. where two of their grandchildren played for the El Paso Texas team.  


Marlene sometimes thinks about the good old days, and she liked the slower pace of life then and that there were more jobs available. She does very much appreciate the modern appliances and other things which make life easier in the 2000’s.


She is proud of …


“After a 14-year marriage ended in divorce, I finished raising my three children on my own. One is an electrician, one a secretary, and one is an LPN nurse.”


Her message to her classmates is …


“Be honest, work hard, and worship and prayer will get you through the hard times. I have been truly blessed.”