Shirley (Snyder) Workman

York, Pa.


Shirley lives in York. Her first husband, Dale, passed away. She and Dale met in 1955 at a news stand where he worked part time, and they were married in 1957. She wrote about her children, “I have two daughters. They were 10 and 15 when their father died. I remarried after two years and it didn’t work out, so I raised them alone from there on. Jude, the oldest, is an Administrative Secretary and she has two daughters. The oldest granddaughter and her husband are in the Navy to make a career, with a daughter and a son. Yes, I’m a great grandmother. The younger granddaughter is 12 years old and an honor student, and pursuing modeling. Vicky, my youngest daughter, is an Assistant Mechanical Engineer with an Associate Degree from Penn State. Her husband is a tool and die maker for Harley Davidson. They have three sons, the oldest grandson is in his second year of college at George Mason, Fairfax, VA, studying graphic arts. The second oldest is a senior at York County School of Technology, planning to go to trade school to be an auto mechanic. The youngest, a freshman at Central High of York, is interested in computer programming.”


Shirley was a waitress for 30 years, then a sales clerk at Value City for 14 years when she retired. She continues to work at Value City part-time. Her hobbies are crocheting, traveling, and attending the events of her grandchildren.  She has traveled widely throughout the USA including Hawaii, and to Canada. In the past five years, she has attended live performances of major entertainers, ballet, Broadway type musical performances, plays, and county fairs.


She almost never thinks about the good old days, but she does feel, “there were a lot more things to do socially even if you didn’t have much money” in those days. She does appreciate our modern medical technology and the better aid and guidance to pursue an education of the 2000’s.


She is proud of … “Raised two wonderful children and instilling good values in them and in the grandchildren.”


Shirley’s message to her classmates is …“Try to stay healthy, keep learning, and do everything that makes you happy.”