Gary R. Shultz

Lutherville, Maryland


Gary and his wife, Ann, live in Lutherville, MD. They met in Hanover when they were introduced by Phil and Darla Whisler. They have a daughter, Kathy Rohde, a son, Rick Shultz, and four grandchildren. Gary was a technical illustrator, and Ann was an RN, and they are both retired. His hobbies are golf and reading. Gary does volunteer work for the Recreation Council, his church, and the Optimist Club.


They have traveled to Florida, Hawaii, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. He enjoys attending major league baseball and NFL football games, high school sports events, live performances of major entertainers, Broadway type musical performances and events his grandchildren are in.


Gary sometimes thinks about the good old days and he liked it when life was at a slower pace and less demanding, and when there were less social pressures on young people relating to drugs and alcohol. He does appreciate our modern technology particularly as it relates to growth in education.


He is proud of


I was able to work for one company for 25 years before retirement, and since that time, Ive been involved with Optimist International programs in helping youth and the community.


Garys message to his classmates is


Ive enjoyed the reunions over the years, and even though I didnt graduate with the class, I have felt part of the Class of 54.


Gary served in the US Navy (1954-1958). He has a Degree from Williamsport Technical Institute. Ann has a degree from Nursing School.