Robert L. Sheets

Hanover, Pa.






Bob, his wife, Betty, and their dog live in Hanover.  He has two children, and seven grandchildren. He operated a truck dealership and is retired. Betty was a secretary and she is also retired. He is active in volunteer work for his church, and his hobbies are fishing, travel, and observing wildlife.


He and Betty have traveled extensively throughout the USA including Hawaii and Alaska, and they have also visited Europe and Africa.


They enjoy a wide variety of entertainment including NASCAR and major league sports events, live performances of major entertainers, plays, Broadway type musical performances, and symphony orchestra concerts. They also enjoy local band concerts and county fairs.


The things Bob liked best about the 50’s were fewer rules and regulations, and the less hectic pace of life. He feels people were generally more caring in those days and there were far fewer lawsuits then than now. In the 2000’s, Bob likes our modern technology, particularly in respect to communication systems. He still marvels at our ability to go to the moon, and he feels our modern technology has resulted in a better standard of living for everyone.


His proudest accomplishments have been, “Having two great children, and seven wonderful grandchildren, and having the opportunity to own a business and manage 39 employees and try to keep them happy.”


His message to his classmates is, “Enjoy life and take advantages of the opportunities that life presents.”


Bob served in the Army at Ft. Lee, VA and Ft. Meade, MD.