Donald Rutters

York, Pa.






Don and his wife, Nancy, live in York, Pa. They met at work at York Container Company. They have two children and three grandchildren. He was a truck driver and she worked in the shipping department, and they are both retired. Don’s hobbies are photography and travel.


He feels the education we got at EHS was about the same as today’s public high schools. Miss Hamm was his favorite teacher and she also got his vote for the most effective teacher.


Don and Nancy have traveled extensively throughout the USA, and they have been to Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. Within the past five years they have attended: major league baseball games and high school sports events, live performances of major entertainers, Broadway type musical performances, county fairs, local band concerts, and events their children and grandchildren were in.


He sometimes thinks about the good old days, and he has fond memories of life’s slower pace and the old square in Hanover with all the stores. He does appreciate our modern appliances such as color TV, VCR’s and air conditioning.


Don is very proud of …


“Having a great wife and two wonderful children.”


His message to his classmates is …


“Good health, and a long and happy life.”


Don served in the US Army for three years.