Dorothy Rightmire

Endwell, New York


(Ed. Note: This is Dorothy’s graduation picture from Nursing School in 1982)


“Squirt” and her tiger/white cat named Harpo (his brothers are Groucho and Chico) live in Endwell, NY. She has four children and one grandchild. She moved from Hanover after the 8th grade. Her hobbies are, “reading, crocheting, crafting, and swearing at Harpo.” She is a retired nurse and formerly did volunteer public relations work for cancer crusades before she became handicapped and can no longer get out. Dorothy said, “I had a short career but covered a lot of territory. One of my last assignments before my body ‘fell apart’ was private duty nurse in the surgical unit at Johns Hopkins. I also worked in AIDS nursing at Bon Seceur Hospital and Francis Scott Key Hospital in Baltimore. After my nursing career was ended, I was ‘House Director’ for the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.”


She enjoys a wide range of entertainment including: live performances of major entertainers; symphony orchestra and opera performances; Broadway type musicals; plays; flower shows; county fairs; local band concerts, and events involving her children and grandchildren.


Squirt thinks about the good old days quite often and fondly remembers … “More friends, could walk across town after dark --- safely, and life was simpler and slower and friendlier.” She does appreciate the easier access to services and the advances in medical technology of our modern times.


She had to quit school after her junior year in high school after her father died and she went to work to support herself and her mom. She is proud of, “At the age of 45, I returned to school and graduated, and went on and received my nursing license in 1982 specializing in medical/surgical procedures and geriatrics. In my freshman year in high school, I performed on the Championship Acrobatic Cheer Leading team (that was way before the acrobatics being performed today). I’m also very proud of my “2” best amateur performances --- Bloody Mary in ‘South Pacific’ and Linda Lohman in ‘Death of a Salesman’ and I also did an acrobatic jazz dance to ‘Too Dammed Hot’ in ‘Kiss Me Kate.’”


Dorothy’s message to her classmates is one of the “Fractured Poems” she has written over her pen name, “Zelda Glycke” It’s shown on the next page.




Ode to an EHS Dieter



Fat is fat and thin is thin ---

Look at the lousy shape you’re in.


Walking, jogging and sit-ups too

Are oft prescribed for quite a few ---

Who sit there daily and stuff their face

Until their waists are out of place;


And then they cry --- ‘Oh woe is me ---

Why do my legs look like a tree?


When I look into my mirror

It all becomes a little clearer,

That just because I gripe and groan,

My bathroom scales give out a moan ---


For me to diet all alone,

Until I’m naught but

Skin and bone!






Zelda Glycke

(Dottie Mae Rightmire … “Squirt”)