Reginald L. Rife

Phoenixville, Pa.


Reg, his wife, Carol and their dog live in Phoenixville, Pa. (suburban Philadelphia). They met in 1962 at the party of a mutual friend. They have four children and three grandchildren. He was a high school math teacher and a junior high school guidance counselor. She was a histologist and archivist at Glaxo, Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals. They are both retired. Regs hobbies are, I coached high school basketball. Also, I was a PIAA basketball official, and a baseball and softball umpire (doing only softball now). Carol and I also enjoy babysitting the grandchildren several times a week. He does volunteer work for the basketball program at St. Anns Church.


Reg and Carol have traveled widely throughout the United States. They have also been to Canada and Bermuda, and, We enjoy going to Bethany Beach Delaware every summer with all the family.


They enjoy attending college and high school sports events, live performances of major entertainers, flower shows, Broadway type musical performances, plays, county fairs, and events their grandchildren are in. Reg almost never longs for the good old days, but he did like the simpler way of life, fewer drugs, less highway congestion, and better discipline, especially in schools of the 50s. He appreciates our modern technology, particularly the advances in medical care of the 2000s.


Reg is proud of, A happy marriage with four successful children. Susan is a secondary English teacher on hold to raise her family. Stephen was valedictorian of his high school class, second in his class at the United States Naval Academy, and he has an MBA from Harvard. He is a sales associate for Seibel Systems. Brian is a secondary math teacher and a basketball and football coach. Eric is an occupational therapist hand specialist.


His message to his classmates is, It has been a wonderful 50 years, and I wish good health and happiness to all.


Reg served in the Army Reserve in 1960. He has a BS from Millersville, and a Masters from Villanova in Guidance. Carol studied histology at the Harrisburg Hospital, and she has an Associate Degree from Pierce College.